MITB Ladder Match Competitors

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    *Jonathan walks down the aisle, walking in-between a sea of ladders. He gets into the ring and pics up a microphone.*​

    Ladies and Genetleman... in less than 2 weeks the IWT will welcome one of the most dangerous, most exciting and most enthralling Pay Per Views of the year.... Money in the Bank!

    *The crowd screams, as chants of "Money in the Bank" ring throughout the arena*​

    That's right... and there's one match that pushes competitors to the limit more than others.. and that.. is the Money in the Bank ladder match! This match competitors put their life on the line to entertain you, and naturally we only choose the best competitors.

    The 1st entrant in the Money in the Bank ladder match is.... NanoRah14 - that's right, one half of the current Tag Team champions is the first entrant into the Money in the Bank ladder match,

    *The crowd cheer*​

    The 2nd entrant is none other than a former Tag Team champion... Danielson!

    The 3rd entrant is Adam568! Yup, both halves of the Tag Team champions are in the match!

    The 4th entrant into this spectacular match... Airbourne!

    The 5th entrant will be... Baraa!

    And finally... the 6th entrant, will either be Alkaline or Senhor Perfect - the loser of the World TV/Intercontinental Title Unification bout will be entered into this match.

    Now please... peasants... continue with your day

    *Jonathan throws the microphone to the announcer, narrowly missing a fan*​
  2. Why did they cheer when you told I was going to be in the match when I'm a heel?!
  3. Smark crowd. Sorry.
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  4. What Jonathan means is pity. It was pity cheers.
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  5. *Adam and Jacob are watching backstage in their private lock room as they hear the announcement*

    You know Jacob, Dont think because we are tag team partners, That I wont hold back, Remember I beat you in a ladder match
  6. Don't worry child. You're going to be at home and I'm gonna destroy it as I couldn't do it before. You better train because I'm going to defeat each and every guy entering to the match!
  7. You really think that eh? Really? Then if you can beat everyone in this match why couldnt you beat me?
  8. You were a rookie and I was distracted. That's why I couldn't defeat you. Sorry, I know I'm the best of each and every single participant of this stupid match. Vicky the bitch. You better be ready. I'M GOING FOR YOUR TITLE!
  9. Thanks the spirits that i've been chosen to win the MITB.
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. The Rod accepts.

  12. *The arena darkens; the stage filled with smoke. A black figure is vaguely spotted within the smoke, but it walks away into the back*
    *Music turns off after 50 seconds*
    *The arena lightens again, while the smoke dissipates into the air*
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  13. Airbourne is not impressed.
  14. Marked out...
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    and jizzed a bit
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    I won the qualification match.
    How am I not there?:sad:
  16. Link?
  17. Oh, I wasn't aware that was for a MITB spot.

    Rhodes is OUT! and his replacement is Baraa!