Storyline MITB Preshow - Dat Kid Arrives

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    The video package for the Money in the Bank match fades out and we come to the empty parking lot where the camera crew is waiting for a limo to arrive. Instead a shadowy figure is seen walking towards the arena and as he walks into the street light you can see it's Dat Kid, already in ring gear.

    The camera crew runs over to Kid, who continues to walk toward the back. Before a single question can be asked Dat Kid puts a finger to his lips.

    Shhhhh. You want me to say some words about Trip before our match tonight and given any other match I would usually blabber on, just to shove my shit in my opponents face just ONE. MORE. TIME. However tonight is different, because everything is on the line and I know that sounds cliche given the amount of low life talent who use that phrase over and over again, but for the first time in IWT history it rings true.

    Because unlike those guys, I've actually got something to lose and not some .99 cent career. I'm looking at you Roadster.

    So you want me to say something? No. Any shred of information I say here will be used against me in the ring. So until I step into that ring and face Power Trip, these lips are sealed. These fists are not.

    Dat Kid punches the camera and the video feed goes dead.
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  2. OOC: Good choice :boss1: lol

    I'm loving the build going into this BTW. Well done.
  3. Psh ain't no feud like a Dat Kid feud cause a Dat Kid feud don't stoooooop
  4. I cant read the purple parts.
  5. Yeah, it just ends up in a draw.
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  6. He couldn't even beat Francois the Nanojock.
  7. You on mobile?
  8. No I just refuse to highlight to read better.
  9. I mean if one of the judges was the one writing the promos. I feel like I've said this before even though I beat both those guys in a triple threat at WM1, but whatev. Aids gonna Aids
  10. Well don't read, not like your opinion matters
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  11. When you start fighting for main event titles you'll understand
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  12. Oh somebody has a big ego going into their 2nd main event ever.
  13. #Irrelevant
  14. If there was a face of IWT's main event relevance, it would be me. I understand you're butthurt, i hear that happens in LA to guys like you quite a bit. Here is the pick me up you might need.

    Dont get down From, just look at Lindsay Lohan!
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  15. Give me 2 months.
  16. #Irrelevant
  17. Wanna make a bet?
  18. That has to be easily the most popular hashtag in all of IWT. Just another notch on the champ's belt.
  19. #Irrelevant
  20. If I have get a shot for a world title in the next two months? You're on.
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