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  1. Who do you all think will steal the show tonight?
    I reckon the punk v bryan match will blow away the MITB matches,
    Im looking forward to the WHC MITB match but i think the WWE one will fall flat :pity:
    Unless the writers are trying to trick us, Jericho and kane are just sideliners in a show v cena rivalry and they wont win.
    I will be majorly suprised if cena doesnt win. :serious:
  3. I'm of the exact same opinion as everything you posted, Punk vs Bryan will easily steal the show unless the WWE writers feel like tormenting us smarks again like they did at 'Mania.
  4. Tyson Kidd is going to steal the show.

  5. :trew:
  6. This man will steal the show for sure..

  7. Punk v Bryan will be the show stealer most definitely. I'm expecting another 5*.
  8. I'm still sticking with the AJ/Cole stealing the show tonight :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Honestly though I don't think you can look any further than Punk and Bryan tonight.
  9. WHC MITB will steal the show. Ziggler, Rhodes, Kidd, Sin Cara, Christian? ufuqin serious bro? It will be nuts. I expect the Punk/Bryan match to not live up to their last match, and be derailed by overbooking storyline AJ fuckery.
  10. Glad you all agree, Punk and bryan are just awesome to watch.
    Alot of you posting about smackdown MITB match. Lets face it
    Ziggler- Favorite
    Rhodes- My choice
    Lord Tensai- Not gonna happen albert
    Sandow-cant see it
    Santino- I hope to god not, but i cant see it no
    Christian- Cant see him as mr money in the bank
    Kidd- Id love to see him win
    Sin cara- Why not?

    Agree ?
  11. Yeah, I don't mind out of Cody and Dolph. Any of them two it's fine.
  12. Don't expect a wrestling classic between Punk and Bryan just like it was at MITB. It'll be overbooked with all the AJ stuff throughout the entire match, I can tell. They could make most of the match about Punk and Bryan and only have AJ interfere sporadically and mainly at the end, but that won't happen. It'll still be nice to watch though, I'm sure. The SD MITB will also be great of course.
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