Summerslam Miz asks Summerslam questions

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  1. Only the one man band beats hall of famers :dawg:
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  2. The Miz's reply to Heath,

    "Hehehe.. Okayyy"
  3. Will deffo watch that later. Internet shop for a project = "Hey group mates, I'm spending your money for WF!"
  4. I don't have to give you a reason, I'm the Brooklyn Brawler!
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  5. That was funny..
  7. Seems people dont have faith in miz O
  8. I think he'll win. :obama:
  9. :haha: gotta love all of the underestimations towards the Miz.

    Loved the Brooklyn Brawler. XD
  10. how much are you willing to bet
  11. My Life on this planet.
  12. I bet my life in general :((
  13. :dawg: