Miz/Cody face turn?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Sep 11, 2012.

  1. I would like to start this post off by saying that I hope Jerry gets well soon. My respect goes out to him and his family.
    But that wasn't all that happened on Raw and this post is about one of those other things.
    During Rey vs Cody tonight Miz came out and distracted Rey and Cody won the match. Then Cody attacked the Miz and layer him out with a cross Rhodes.
    My question is: Do you see one of them turning face and if so who?
    I personally hope Miz goes face bit it looks more like Cody might be going face. What are your thoughts?
  2. My thoughts are i hate them both.. To be honest i see Cody going face.
  3. agreed^ miz heel is getting good heat, for now.
  4. This was just done to set up a fatal-4-way IC title match. Neither is going face, but I'd like to see them try it with Miz tbh
  5. Cody better stay heel :boss1: I like Cody better as a heel.
  6. Cody as a heel bitch!
  7. i think miz could make a great face if done right
  8. Just done to set up the NoC IC title match, neither is turning.
  9. This.
  10. Anyone who suggests a Rhodes face turn deserves to die.
  11. Miz I do not see taking a heel turn, he is much more comfortable as a heel, he was quite boring as a face originally and has become the star he is through being heel. Cody Rhodes was a good face when he tagged with Hardcore Holly, back when the tag division had some life and focus on it (thank you Cena (!)), but Rhodes has been more destructive, and he works well as a heel, much more so than he did as a face.

    There are certain superstars that should be heel throughout. Randy Orton is one of them, his first face turn from Evolution was good for a month, then he got dull quickly and it was only until he turned heel again that he was used very well against Taker, HHH, Cena, but now he is dull as anything as face. Cody and Miz are very good heels, we had two face main event champions for a hell of a time, the Intercontinental championship is now in the hands of a heel and that is a solid way to build some prestige to the title.

    Cody vs Rey or Miz vs Rey can begin this if the creative use him well and stop recapping RAW every 5 minutes on Smackdown and cut down on the amount of segments and air time main event stars get. To turn these two great superstars to something they have not mixed with well from heel which they have thrived and done so much for them could potentially ruin them long-term
  12. Heel on Heel attack, nothing more than that... Some competition for NOC, aye! :otunga: