Miz deserves more...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, May 23, 2012.

  1. Don't you guys think so too? I mean I'm not a Miz mark but hey, he truly has the mic skills and the talent to be able to get over superstar's, have proper PPV matches, and not be squashed by a miserable dancing bulldozer.

    What do you think?

  3. Miz deserves more, but if I sat down and made a list of guys who deserve better than they get he probably wouldn't crack the top 5.
  4. By your logic every wrestler who isn't CM Punk is the worst ever Randy. Just today you've called both Miz and Dolph it (Two guys who are agreed to a be good and a great wrestler respectively) Fanboy :cena:
  5. MIZ SUCK! Dolph is not good at wrestling! CM Punk not the only wrestler I like! People hate Brayn? When did I ones said hated him oh NEVER he is a great wrestler he just not better then CM Punk and b/c I said that that make me a guy who hate him? HELL FUCK NO I got 1 of he T-Shit lat week and Unbox in front! STFU! I know what I taking I no who go and who need work and who just flat out SUCK!

  6. I agree, Miz deserves more. But then again, as Dolph's said, he's not the only one. Ziggler is another example.
  7. This is the wrost spelling I've ever seen.

    Lets face it, Miz lost Vince's approval and isn't Triple H's Chosen One. He's not getting back to the ME unless he gains massive amounts of weight.
  8. Randy is gradually becoming less and less coherent. Pretty soon his posts are going to look like Egyptian Hieroglyphics
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  9. He definitely deserves more. I have no idea why he's being treated so fucking badly. I like to think it's because of a nice future push.
  10. No, THiS I the worst spelling I've ever seen...

    Have you actually tried taking a deep breath before posting? Try it.... Seriously



    I hope Miz gets pushed to the moon!!! He is money!

    I hope Ziggler doesn't get turned into another Mr Perfect! He needs to ME and hold titles!!!!

    CM Punk, much better last summer..

    His tweets are still gold though!

  11. WWE let Miz win the title? How did WWE go from Austin and Undertaker to Miz as WWE champion. :facepalm1:
  12. :laugh::true:
  13. :dawg:
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