Miz should be WWE champion again?

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  1. First of All I have to say The Miz did an awesome job on commentary,for me he just has everything it takes to be a Champion.I'd make an injury storyline for Miz and make him go on commentary like they did with Cm Punk.:pity: People will start liking him,I mean...WRESTLING FANS like him the ones that care about the actual wrestling.And then after a couple of months make him interrupt a World Champion (whoever that will be) and give him a title shot....I don't know what's gonna happen to Miz,I was complaining at the beginning that he won a mid-card(ICC)title but man I was wrong...He can make any title...AWWESOME! :miz:

  2. Miz is good where he is at at the moment. The main title scene is pretty cluttered at the moment and there is no room for Mike. He will do well as IC champ and bring some credibility back to that title.
  3. Completely agree.
  4. He will win it, but in the future. Right now there's no room, and his reign would probably be very short (in case he won the title soon).
  5. I think Miz will ramain the IC champ for a long time. Theres to many things going around the WWE title. Theres also no way for him to become the Heavy weight champ.
    Maybe after Wrestlemania , or even a win at money in the bank
  6. I think we'll see a Miz face turn during his IC reign.

    Miz is awesome though and he will be WWE/WHC champ in the future.
  7. Maybe relive the hogan vs warrior and have em battle at WM...

    Rock vs Miz WM for the strap!!

    Calling it now!
  8. Lol not happening.
  9. Send Miz to SD and let him feud with DZ over the WHC (if he does indeed turn face as Crayo suggests)

    I don't see him as a viable face of the company at this point. He needs to be built back up and have his character freshened up
  10. I can see Miz as a face, he's just got that natural face vibe like Rock. I like that he grew in a shadow of a beard and lost the fauxhawk.
  11. Miz for permanent commentator. He's just too good not to use in that role IMO, not hating on his wrestling and especially not his drawing power.
  12. The WWE Title is gonna revolve around Cena/Punk/Rock going into spring of next year, so there's no place for the Miz except as a challenger for the belt. Winning the World Heavyweight Title from Sheamus (not that I'd want to see that happen, but then I won't be watching either way.) I think Miz having the IC Title is a good enough fit for him at the moment.
  13. He should but it's obviously not gonna happen since the main storyline for this summer was Punk turning heel. You also got The Rock ready for the title at RR and possibly at WM also. Miz is out of the picture for that title.
  14. By saying Rock ,did you mean Dwayne Johnson?. I think he is so sweet. Just look at his career highlights below.
    WWE Championship; Intercontinental Champion; World Tag Team Champion; Royal Rumble winner (2000); WCW Champion

    He is the first third-generation Superstar in WWE history, the man born Dwayne Johnson was destined for sports-entertainment immortality since birth, but his rise to the status of a pop culture icon was harder to predict.
  15. If one talks about rocks in pro wrestling they are most likely mentioning the Rock yes. But this thread is about the Miz. Please keep it on topic :otunga:
  16. I love threads about The Miz. Him and Ziggler are the only people I currently enjoy watching. AnywY back on topic, I would love to see Miz become a world champ almost as much as I want him to give a face turn a shot. Both world title pictures are pretty full for now bit I could still see him turning face in the next few months followed by a world title reign next year maybe. I'd turn Miz face now tbh. Id have him interfere in a Cody Rhodes match on raw and maybe save sin cara for Cody costing Miz his match on smackdown. Then he can slowly start his face transition and him and Cody can have an awesome feud.
  17. Face Miz vs Heel Cody sounds quite good tbh. I just don't want Miz to be one of those cookie faces.
  18. If he can bring back the cocky character (it fit him so well) as opposed to this current aggressive Miz, I'd be all for giving him the belt again. Tweener Miz sounds perfect though
  19. Mid card title: yes
    World Title: yes
    WWE title: no

    Miz a very charismatic superstar and I like that about him. His wrestling skills however could be improved on though. He has got exceptionally better since his first WWE title run though. Some might say but Cena can't wrestle, so why can't Miz have the same shot. Cena used to be able to wrestle at one point, but by some unknown reason he's gotten worse since his debut. Now he's a sucky wrestler who's at the top. Miz on the other hand is getting better and I'd love to see another title reign in the future.

    As far as the commentary thing, I think they should approach it another way since Punk already did it. It's too similar and that only happened two years ago. I would rather have Miz go for the title as the royal rumble winner, so it adds so prestige to his name.
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