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  1. I can't be the only one who finds this gimmick to be lame? Everyone seems to love it lol

    great thread I know
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  2. Well, I guess one reason many people like it is because it gets Sandow airtime and relevance (compared to what he did before obviously). Idk, as far as comedy gimmicks go I think it's funny, but it's getting old.
  3. Mizdow's awesome, in my opinion. His current gimmick might not tickle everyone's fancy, but that's okay... At least he's not being kept off TV.

    After the piss poor booking with his MITB briefcase run, he got handed a lot of shit to work with. He portrayed various people, but still made it look like gold.
    Now that he's settled at being Miz's stunt double, I find myself enjoying Mizdow in that role.
    That's one of the few bright spots of RAW for me. Plus, he's so over with the crowd and the push should be around the corner.

    - After he's defeated Miz at Mania, I could see him going after the US/IC title (maybe) and being treated properly.
  4. I liked it at first but now the only reason I bare it is because of the whole airtime factor.. I would much rather him go back to his militant days in FCW or even the Intellectual Savior of the Masses.. Sandow is a good work and pretty good on the mic so they should utilize him better when the whole stunt double thing ends as Damien beats Miz cleaning in a nice back and forth at WM31.
  5. Ah, I do remember Colonel Damien Sandow and Titus O'Neil the FCW tag champs.
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  6. I love the gimmick. It's hilarious & it's helping both him and Miz out. Miz isn't my favorite, but I enjoy this dichotomy between he and Sandow. The gimmick is of course "lame". That's the point. He's a clown, but it's his 100% commitment to the character that is getting him over like he is.
  7. If he ever goes back to "Intellectual Saviour of the Masses" - he could induct "The Genius" into the HOF. When that was his gimmick, I always wanted to be at a live show with a sign in the crowd that said, "Your Welcome."
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  8. I love that he's got the Intellectual Savior gimmick in WWE2K15
  9. [​IMG]
  10. The deep wound only an animated gif can deliver!
  11. Its a funny gimmick, just waiting for the rumble when he eliminates Miz by accident. The Uso Miz rivalry is getting a little stale though.
  12. Too freakin' stale.

    The only reason it's bearable is because of Mizdow.
  13. It's one of those "organic" things that the crowd naturally gravitated to that you caught halfway through.
  14. Mizdow in my opinion will officially be back to Sandow by Monday via eliminating Miz in the Rumble on accident and then the feud goes on thus making Miz & Sandow interesting again.
  15. Sandow is interesting always ... Miz? Not so much.
  16. Always nice to see the likes of Mick Foley coming to defense for my boy, Sandow.. I'm curious to see how they're going to write the character after his time with the Miz is all said and done.. I certainly hope they don't kill this momentum he's got by putting him back into random character gimmicks for cheap pops from city to city.
  17. Lame gimmick, lame wrestler.
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