MLB: Homerun Derby Tonight

Discussion in 'Sports' started by wils172, Jul 15, 2013.

  1. I know a lot of you are in the UK, but for those who are watching who do you think will win the HR Derby tonight?

    I think it will be fielder or Cano.
  2. Going with Davis. That motherfucker has been on the best streak since the height of the steroid era. I think he stays hot and takes the crown.

  3. That will be a popular pick I think. I just tend to think that first time participants don't manage their stamina well and get tired out too early in the first 2 rounds. We will see though.
  4. Bryce Harper. Shoutout to Prince.

  5. Harper winning would be awesome.
  6. I got cespedes
  7. Way to pick him after he already won :youdontsay:
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  8. :bitw:
  9. I watched this earlier, absolutely loved it. I wanted Harper to win personally but I was happy Cespedes won after his brilliant showing in the first round.
  10. If only you guys saw my reaction when Harper lost. But, Cespedes did pretty damn good.