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Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Stopspot, Jan 16, 2014.

  1. Hi guys, quick little public service announcement from me.

    It seems like a lot of threads around here have a tendency to be derailed by spam and banter not related to its subject. Something I am a bit tired of when reading the matches. I might not be an active competitor any longer but I still would like to enjoy the matches without random youtube clips and cat gifs. And I am sure that @Jonathan and the others involved in running the IWT and planning it out are annoyed by it to.

    So from here on out I am going to be stricter with the spamming and off topic banter in this section. Keep posts in this section related to the topics at hand, if you want to just do mindless chatter I have three alternatives for you:

    1. Take it to PMs.
    2. Take it to the locker room and make a general chatting thread.
    3. Take it to private user groups.

    The IWT is a section with a purpose, for its members to compete and tell stories and have fun. And I am certain all of that will be much easier to accomplish if we keep the spamming and derailing of others threads to a minimum.

    Not calling anyone in particular out, but now you're all informed.

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  2. Note: You can do the whole watching backstage, calling the match crap/good etc. but as soon as it goes completely off topic, that's when I have a problem. Or when you go OOC with the insults.

    From now on I'm just gonna close the threads. Then you'll feel bad that the competitor has to remake their thread. And if you keep doing it, your permission to post here will get removed eventually.
  3. Also Stop, you can sticky this for a week or so.
  4. can we just sticky a thread at the top for banter? just a general IWT discussion thread
  5. Alright, but I see alot of closed threads in the future. Just saying
  6. Let's pin more threads
  7. good idea
  8. Such a faggy move op.

    But yeah I agree :gtfo: with your spamming Jonathan.
  9. Should put all OOC in spoilers in my opinion. makes it neater.
  10. Na, I think we need to talk about you rejoining my group in at least 7 more main event matches. #BestForBusiness
  11. :dafuq: