Monday Night Raw 12th of March 2012 Live Discussion Thread.

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    The Return of The Rock to Cleveland for the first time in over 9 years. A rap from Cena and a concert from Rock, how will it end? Any physical contact between these two or won't we be seeing any action until the last RAW before WM?

    The Undertaker returns to Cleveland for the 1st time in over a year! BUT, with both of the Undertaker's last two WrestleMania opponents…HHH and Shawn Michaels, under the same roof…Something's gotta give!

    Plus, we've got great news (Thanks to windy):
    Do you think Christian will be there? I personally do think he will also be announced for this match.

    When is it on?

    UK : Tuesday,March 13th on Sky Sports 3(?) starting at 2am (GMT). (Correct me if this is wrong)
    US : Monday, March 12th on The USA Network starting at 9/8c.

    Cleveland, Ohio at the Quicken Loans Arena.

    How will RAW be like? Are you expecting something? Will it be great considering the theory; "If WWE gave you bad shows this week, next week will be much better".​
  2. I'm looking forward to a Christian and Del Rio return and the match being announced.. Still a bit unsure about Cena - Rock though. For some reason I could Cena getting the upper hand again.
  3. Would mark if Christian was there come Monday.

    Is it confirmed that Rock is concerting and Cena is rapping?
  4. Yes it was confirmed on last weeks raw and also on SD yesterday.

  5. I can sense a 4-0 Cena coming up. It's hard to come up against raps to be honest, even haters play along.
  6. Rock concerts were awesome though....


    Not sure how they'll work as a face. The leaving Sacramento song still makes me laugh.
  7. True, I'm wondering how long Vince will let Cena run over Rock for...
  8. It's not up to Vince, they're both just going at it. They need to have a serious face off in my opinion, these jokes have already bored me.
  9. Rock/Cena should be entertaining, but I just wish they would go away.

    Anyone want to get in their Team Johnny vs Team Teddy predictions? I'm gonna run off to the store, go grab some Haterade, get buzzed off it, and then give you mine. Peace.
  10. Christian or I riot. The guy is a boss in the ring and being a manager at Mania isn't enough to fulfill a Peep's mark.
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  11. Is Christian healthy enough for a return? If show he should be there.
  12. Dude it's an ankle and he's been gone from before Survivor Series. I think his ankle would be good by now. It's not like he was limping at E.C.
  13. He'd return though if he was completely fine, Ankles can be tricky.

  14. So.... he's been wrestling for countless years now so these injuries which look minor can cause major complications. Just because he can walk on it doesn't mean he could take a bump on it does it? Has anyone got a report he's healthy? All I can find is it saying he'll be back no later than February. I've not looked too deeply into though.
  15. Man you're true it's just that I'm a Christian mark and I can't stand him not wrestling at Mania :emoji_slight_frown:.
  16. I know the feeling.
  17. I wanna Rock's concert.
  18. He's doing one isn't he? Cena's rapping also I think.
  19. I can't wait for those two, I want it to get personal though. However, I'd happily substitute the concert/rap for a piper's pit.
  20. That should happen on the last Raw, would be a great way to finish the build up. Piper could probably cut a better promo than either of them.