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  1. Aids Johnson is seen on screen, as he takes a slug from a water bottle, jumping up and down talking shit muted, before the music hits and he begins to move towards the entrance.

    The music hits, and Aids walks through the entrance to a pop from the crowd. He walks out a few steps passed the entrance, giving the middle finger salute to the fans as they boo, before running down the ramp and sliding into the ring, taking a microphone before pausing, waiting a few seconds as the music continues, cutting it off and holding the mic up.

    Only a few more days. "Why the return Aids? We thought you have finally passed the torch to the new generation of IWT superstars? What is there left to prove?"

    There is nothing left to prove, but when you come back still in your prime and see an opportunity to provide the newest generation of stars with an opportunity to prove themselves with a chance to succeed, what do you do? Do you sit backstage and tell them their promo's suck while adding nothing to the table? Or do you demand they succeed vs the greatest IWT star of all time, providing themselves with a few steps towards the title and giving them a name drop they wouldn't have had otherwise?

    You see I did the talent agency, and while the IWT universe has grown without the Jonathan's of this world around, there was no one willing generational champion left to give them a chance to prove themselves before they go against my chosen champions to really show they deserve to be there.

    You see when stars look at me, they see a selfish man who buried Dolph'sZiggler and Incognito, a man who ran out the cons while promoting the people they have a hard time seeings as the true pro's of this company, while I see a gap in talent relations between deserving champions of this company. The perfect example is the Artist vs Dat Kid matches. Was Dat Kid a deserving IWT Champion? Really, was he? I pushed for Alias to get his IWT title shot and he showed he was a world champion without a single person able to discredit him, and Joey Bryant? Do I need to relive the past and the matches we had where I willingly showed the fact Joey was an IWT superstar, even with two wins over him during the final two 2013 ppv's?

    I am not entering the MITB PPV to win, I am here to let the contenders rise to the occasion, because if they do not I will walk out as Draids Johnson, MITB 2x and HoF man, the god who will demand success every time the IWT and WHC champions come out, because if the people are not interested in their matches, I will slide in as Dr MITB and walk out the only 4x IWT champion. I'm here to provide opportunity to the future of this company, because Marcus is coming back, Dazzle vs Gav will provide a feud that is WM worthy, and while that all continues there are other names proving themselves to the World Championship arena.

    And Trip even did me the favor of letting me promo first. I am nearly undefeated as the first to promo in my career IWT Title opportune matches, allowing people to step up or take a step back and watch the man who defines Hall of Fame challenge a star. Do I expect to win? Manik aka Sackfist vs Aids is something we have been waiting nearly a year to see again, Marcus is a man I drank with and saw become one of the biggest names of the IWT, but many men wish death upon me, and my girl Vargas? Ms Harriet? She has earned her way into the spotlight with my time off, proving once again I see talent in true IWT stars, and the simple fact is there will always be wins and losses - but the one's who matter the most win when the cards are against them.

    I'm the longest reigning champion of all time, because I defended monthly. I fear no one, and what matters the most is how the people view you after the match is over. Top Draw will always be my title, and while I have NEVER defeated Alias, and while I am 2-1 vs Joey Bryant, what matters most is who takes their opportunity and turns it into an IWT title. World champions come and go, but Aids Johnson will forever be cemented in the IWT, and the man who rises up to face me and becomes this years Mr or Mrs MITB will cement their own legacy.

    Titles come and go, but the one's who demand the respect of their peers, those are the champions who will never be forgotten. I am in MITB to win, but if there is only one thing I can promise you, it's that the person who wins this year's IWT MITB briefcase will have earned it, not only the briefcase but the respect of everyone who has competed or ever will compete in the IWT MITB's picture for years to come.

    You want the title of Mr. MITB? Come take it from me.

    *Aids drops the briefcase in the middle of the ring, sliding out of the ring before sliding out of the ring, walking to the back as the music hits, as the fans cheer and jeer, Ric Flair walking to the back.
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  2. TNH sleeping through my promos is an honor, not a demeaning situation. Not, one, bit.
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  3. Just before Aids Johnson exits through the curtain Dat Kid comes on the titantron.

    Will you please just shut the fuck up for once in your life! You parade around and pretend to be in your prime and we ALL know that you are not. You want to come out here and pretend to care about other people, but we ALL know that you don't. Then you believe that anyone in this arena gives a damn about what you have to say, but deep down in your heart you know we ALL don't.

    You see Aids this is what I hate about you. You are a manipulative little shit, but you try to hide it with your lies about caring about this company. Truth is you're no better than me. I mean look at what match you're in. First match back and you're already in Money in the Bank and you expect us to believe you entered in a match cause you want to lose to the next generation. Fuck you for thinking that anyone is THAT stupid.

    At least I have the decency to tell people that I am going to fuck them over. I came here to win both title, not to push anyone, not to care about B.Dazzle vs Gav, not to train some idiot in the midcard. The truth is I am here for myself, by myself and the fact that you will deny that you are here for the same reasons makes you a piece of shit.

    You know what's going to be better than kicking Trip's ass at Money in the Bank? Watching you get your ass handed to you and the expression on your face when you are forgotten.

    Jesus weeps. I don't.

    Kid walks off the interview area
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  4. OOC: Rated informative for that last bit lol
  5. Aids stops just within feet of the titantron, watching it, mic in his hand, smiling ear to ear. He listens to what Dat Kid has to say, waiting for him to walk away from the titanron, but still looking up at the blank screen after. He hold up the microphone, almost too eager to speak.

    You mean like last year's Money in the Bank, who was it who put me into that match on my return? You will always be the inferior GM, you cant hold a candle to Trip, let alone the WHC and IWT champions of this company, and yet you take shots at me knowing full well I would never have been where I am....without you giving me the opportunities I cashed in on. You Jelly I don't need Trip to introduce me anymore? *Aids Hold up his Hall of fame ring, throwing up the middle finger to the titantron*

    You see i don't need to win anymore, it's you who are nearly forgotten with no legacy to be left behind. I'm the man who pushed my way into this company, left, and then built up what you and VP had nearly ruined. Now you are still here, clawing for an opportunity to have something in your career worth remembering.

    But no one cares. You should be praying to your god Joey Bryant that I do win Money in the Bank and cash in for a title, it's probably the only shot at a world title you'll have before retiring into mediocrity. Still isn't much incentive in my books.

    *Aids music continues where it left off, as he walks backstage with his back to the camera*
  6. You should really care about B.Dazzle vs Gav.
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  7. *The Rock
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