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Money in the Bank 2015

Solidus, Jun 13, 2015

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    Money in the Bank 2015

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  2. Reigns FTW, baybay!

    While I'm pretty much sure Kofi and the rest of the guys are just bodies, it'd be quite interesting if Kofi won and then lost the briefcase to Brock in Japan on July 4th.

    I still think Reigns is winning, tho.

    But, yeah... GET HYPE
  3. My head tells reigns is winning but have a feeling that it seems too obvious and that kofi Kingston might win

  4. Rolling with the "Too obvious" outcome has never been a problem for the 'E.
    Although, I am cool with Reigns winning, him not winning would be quite interesting and shocking, too.
  5. They do throw the odd curve ball now again just like at elimination chamber when ryback won when everyone thought sheamus was winning
  6. Aye, mate. Ryback winning was a surprise.
    I heard Sheamus was scheduled to win the IC title, but the decision was changed last minute.

    Kofi winning or shall I say, anyone but Reigns winning would be a surprise, as well.