Money in the Bank Money in the Bank Animated Preview

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  1. Hi guys,

    I've made a video about tomorrow's MITB.
    In it I've animated a top 3 of over the top moves, and I've predicted the MITB outcomes.
    Please have a look,and tell me your thoughts.

    Who is your favorite to win at MITB?

    Wrestling Shorts
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  2. Another good video. I like the comically large noses.
  3. Knowing WWE they will be as obviously as possible like they have been the last few years. It has been a long time since they did anything truly unexpected.
    I have a feeling ADR is winning the briefcase tho cause WWE history always repeats itself. Nice video tho!
  4. Btw, you sound Dutch. Am I right? :hhh2:
  5. Nice video, buddy. Keep up the good work!
  6. Pretty cute, mang.
  7. Yeah haha are you?
  8. Thanks, guys, for all your positive comments. I'm glad you liked my video.
    There will be more on my channel
    Here... Right here! On Wrestling Shorts
  9. Awesome video man! Great production!
  10. I like it. I want you
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  11. Not sure how I missed this. Anyhow, I liked it and subscribed to your channel.

    I'm working on a video that I will hope to have up today. I run a creepypasta/horror narration channel but a lot of my friends like wrestling. If you want, I'll give you a shout out and link to one of your videos at the end of my newest video. It might send a few subscribers your way. Let me know if you'd want me to do that.
  12. Thanks, man! I would really appreciate it!
    I'd love it if you mentioned my channel, please use any link you like.

    Please send me the link to your upload as well :emoji_wink:
    Thanks again, man.
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  13. I'll send it to you right when it goes up. I don't have a huge channel, about 10,600 subscribers, but it still might get you a little attention. And you're very welcome. I like helping out smaller channels whenever I can.
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