Voting Money in the Bank Cash In - Aids Johnson vs Victoria Parker

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  1. Aids Johnson vs Victoria Parker
    The following is scheduled for one fall and is for the IWT Undisputed Championship...​
    The lights dim, as Aids Johnson walks out without Dat Kid by his side, the cure also absent from the picture.
    Aids walks out as the music plays, the crowd filling the arena with boos and cheers, all of which are ignored by Aids as he makes his way to the ring. Aids grabs a mic, holding up his briefcase wearing a crooked smile before he speaks.

    @CrayJ Lee get the fuck out here, im sick and tired of waiting. Time for the champ to take what you dont deserve.
    Commentator 1: What's this?​
    Commentator 2: Aids Johnson is cashing in his Money in the Bank Contract!​
    Announcer 1: Aids Johnson has cashed in Money in the Bank!​
    *crowd pops*​
    Here's a link to the cash in thread:
    or you can read the promos in the spoiler​
    Victoria Parker's promo
    Show Spoiler

    Seems like Mr. Money In The Bank has finally grown a pair of balls. After nearly two months of his ego on a pedestal and a group of male wrestling bodyguards by his side, the self-professed savior of the IWT has decided to cash in his briefcase. I can’t say I’m surprised. After getting his ass handed to him by our commissioner, some retribution was in order. However, I fear that you’ll only embarrass yourself further. My time is definitely not up and your time is…never going to happen again.

    What I see in front of me isn’t championship material. All I see is a former champion trying to have a taste of his former glory. Not only that, but you’re still someone who needs a group of people around him to feel like he’s important – large and in charge. Aids, you’re just a wrestler with a whole lot of regret whose been trying to make up for his mistakes ever since. You were at the top of this company and had it all…but you decided to throw it all away for another wrestling company. Apparently that didn’t pan out since here you are, trying to make a name for yourself all over again and desperately trying to prove to everyone why in the hell you matter. This company has thrived without you in the spotlight and it will continue to do so once you’re long gone.

    I had been keeping track of the IWT Tournament, waiting to see who would come out on top. However, Dat Kid was back to his tricks and will be facing me instead. You and the rest of the IWT can attempt to take this title away from me, but your best attempts will always fall short. This title was made for me and was always meant to be around my waist. I have an impressive win record and I’ve only lost once in my IWT career. I provide results, I participate and perform at a high level as the Undisputed IWT Champion should. This company’s already been saved because it’s leagues better with me as its champion than it ever was with you.

    Aids, if you want to be champion again, my advice is to go back to the indies where the competition isn’t as fierce. There you can be as arrogant and self-centered as you want to be, and there they might actually believe the bullshit you’re selling. I’ve worked for this my entire life and I’m not about to lose it to a washed up has-been who isn’t worthy of carrying my gym bag.

    …And that is how the champ sees it.

    Aids Johnson's Promo
    Show Spoiler

    *Aids leans on the ropes, before he steps up and starts point at victoria, poking at her face while he speaks.

    Bitch. What does Dat kid and my match have to do with us? I'd hand you my briefcase right now, but im about to turn that shit into gold.

    You know what i cannot accept about you? You are so full of shit, even your character has a character. People spend their time hating on the cure and paying attention to what keeps this company relevent, all the while you play your part time role, barely contributing outside of posting when you are called out. You? You take every shot you can at me, because not one person here knows a single thing about you, outside of the fact you hold a championship that you won via default. Most people probably dont even realize Dat KId handed you the belt, and you are no more of a champion than Senhor Perfect. Actually, im sorry Senhor, that was just cheap.

    *Aids changes his pointing, moving his finger to consistently point at the title, clearly around Victoria Parkers waist.

    Face it, everyone hates on me for leaving here to join a different company, but how many people realize you are more active there than you ever were here? I left with the belts, and you spend your time "there" while ignoring the fact you eare supposed to be the face of this company. The truth is you are only relevant because of your relationship with Dat Kid. Dat kid who you were so quick to point out beat me. Him and i had a match, what did you have? Can you really say you won the title? I think im doing you a favor here. You may hate on me now, but you owe me respect. I chose my own destiny tonight, while you slept your way to the top. You know, I would even go to the point of saying without Dat Kid, you would never have won the IWT title.

    You sit around on your high horse, considering yourself above others, while you waste your promo speaking about you dislike about me. I didnt grow a pair of balls, my loss taught me a lot, i realized today you are the least active IWT member, and I decided it was time for things to change. The IWT magazine comes out, and i cannot be voted back in until December. Who will win this month? Who even cares. These people, Senhor, Christian, Gav the Chav, they will spend their careers as #2 to me, and dat kid has to come up with shallow ideas like "cannot be cover for 3 months" because if he didnt, i would be winning. Every. Single. Month. Face it, all you are is an over-paid, part-timer. Honestly, you spreading your legs is what keeps you relevant. You almost Married Dat Kid, and Jonathan is your manager. I guess someone had to sleep with those poor sons of bitches, and it wasnt going to be me.

    *aids winks and says Brita, just away from the mic*

    You should make sure you keep talking about me, because that is your only chance to defeat me. Everyone knows who i am, but who the fuck are you?

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  2. One promo each, honestly? Weak.
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  3. Can someone change the font to black please. Can't see it on the stupid mobile site.
  4. OOC: Wow fast and furious here. I agree only one promo each is kind of lame, but where those the preordained rules of the MiTB cash in matches?
  5. OOC im the first winner baby, big e rection does what he wants apparently. Look at our champ. That last part was in character.
  6. This definitely needs more than just one promo each.

    *camera points at a random smark in the crowd"*
    * [​IMG] *
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  7. OOC: Oh well. Guess I have to vote now then.
  8. *watching at home* Hmm about time, may have a new champion.
  9. on the spoiler?
  10. I'm not voting unless there's more promos. Both promos are really good, but I'd love to hear the rebuttals. Otherwise this is all kind of underwhelming...

  11. [​IMG]Hey hey hey
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  12. Aids Johnson & CrayJ Lee would you both like to go for 2 more promos in addition to the ones you just did?

  13. liked for the sheep/goat/lamb/whatever the hell that animal is
  14. im up 2-0.
  15. You the hottest bitch in this place.
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  16. [​IMG]

  17. Sure. However, I'll only be able to do another one tonight since I work all day tomorrow until 7:30pm Central Time.
  18. Hope you can reset the votes if thats the case.
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  19. inb4 screwjob
  20. id bury you if you even competed in this shit. Shh bitch, dont fuck up my moment.