Money in the Bank Money In The Bank Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by DBasher, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. Wrestlemania Match

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  2. Gimmick PPV

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  1. Is MITB better as a Mania match or as a gimmick PPV.

    I think it's better as a Mania match because it gives mid card guys a chance to shine at the show of shows.
  2. Definitely a mania match. Much more special that way.
  3. What Crayopop said. Wrestlemania is a good home for a match that big.
  4. A mania match, I hate gimmick PPVs plus two cases was over kill and ruined one of the best aspects for me, sure they should cash in at any time but having two possibilities made it more unpredictable imo.
  5. Yeah having a brand MITB is pathetic, I love the fact the winner could randomly switch to SD or RAW and challenge, makes things a bit harder to predict.
  6. @[seabs] they should have a RAW and Smackdown MiTB, or do they already?
  7. Plus the cases looked like a 12 year olds lunch box. I liked the custom ones which reflected on someones gimmick, ADR could have had a gold one or the Miz's could have said "Awesome" on it rather then just a Raw one. It's little touches which can make a character.

    @RKO When they had the PPV they had 2 briefcases which I didn't like.
  8. Lmao lunch boxes, so true.
  9. If they were to put a sandwich in the MiTB, I would come out of the crowd, RKO everyone, grab the briefcase, and enjoy my sandwhich!
  10. Cashing in the briefcase at subway?
  11. I like then both! The mitb ppv both year in 2010 and 2011 were the BEST PPV OF THOUGH YEARS! But at sametime the WM MITB ALWAY IS A GREAT MATCH! So it hard to call!
  12. I'm not saying it's bad as a PPV but, it's better at 'Mania. For the same reason that you said above, giving the midcard talent a chance to become an upper card guy at 'Mania.