"Money" Mayweather Vs. "The Ghost" Guerrero - May 4th 2013

Discussion in 'Sports' started by CM Punk, Apr 23, 2013.

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    Decided to make a thread on it. So discuss this shit here. Get your predictions in here.
    Guerrero hopefully fucks him up.
    Also throwing in random news that Alvarez will be watching the match ringside.
  2. I have Mayweather round 8 Knock Out

    Praying for him to get put on his ass though.
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  3. Mayweather is going to win. No doubt, but I second this.
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  4. Guerrero is pretty tough. Wouldn't be surprised if we saw a close match with Mayweather winning.
    Also, it would be cool to see Mayweather/Alvarez. But Mayweathers got agility advantage.
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  5. I'll be here for the fight to discuss it with yall
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  6. Predicting members in this discussion thread.
    - Myself
    - Danielson
    - deth
    - Dolph'sZiggler
    - Crayo
    - seabs
    - Aids the Jock (If he doesn't have work that night. Pretty sure he works at 6am though.)
    - Senhor Perfect
  7. I probably won't be here, tbh. Don't really like watching Boxing unless I'm with people, kind of boring otherwise, for me at least.
  8. I fucking hate Mayweather, but damn, the dude can back up his trash talk.
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  9. That sounds like a solid group of people. I can see deth being bored and joining us if he isn't up to anything.
  10. Go Mexican guy!
  11. just who likes mayweather going for mayweather in 6 all depends on how much he has slowed down
  12. Get knocked out Floyd. Asshole.
  13. I love trash talkers and I've loved Money since he rocked a Man U jersey in that press conference against Hatton so Money in 8.
  14. Wait , he did that?

    Think I've turned into a fan...
  15. Hahaha what a legend
  16. Mayweather by TKO, 6th round
  17. Mayweather via lopsided unanimous decision
  18. just over 24 hours to go anyone else hyped yet?
  19. :nope: I'll probably watch outta boredom.