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  1. This was in the thread yesterday but it's since been changed and will get more attention here as a new thread.

    IWT: Jonathan and Trip in the Head
    WHC: CM Punk and Shadow
    X-Division: Naked Snake (Farooq) and Gav the Chav
    Tag Team: Aids Johnson and StopSpot
    Intercontinental: GeekGoddess

    These people are now the "leaders" of each division. If you're looking at competing for a specific title, and you have an idea regarding it, you now need to contact the appropriate person above. Note: You can come to Jonathan, Aids or GeekGoddess regarding any division if you think the relevant leader isn't helping enough.

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  2. lol you are the king of jumping the gun. Did you PM stop yet?

  3. The commish is in the house
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  4. [​IMG]

    You and I in tag division will = gold.
  5. Aids in the tag team spot? Doesn't make a lot of sense. Spot makes sense cause he was with Seabs as a tag team and that was brilliant, but Aids? Not to knock the guy's credibility, but he'd probably be better off helping VP
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  6. who cares if you were knocking my cred.
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  7. Your lover Dolph's
  8. You two should have an "Aids dildo on a pole" match. Ill get a cast made of my dick and you both can reach up for the baby carrot, winner gets bragging rights for a year.
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