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  2. "Willing to spend" - Oh the irony.

    She'll get a 30% rise at most, making about 140k/year afterwards.

    Shocking for doing 2 minute matches a week, sometimes not even once a week!
  3. PPV's, house shows, travelling, appearances at events, marketing, radios.
  4. She does a lot of PR doesn't she?
  5. Oh hell yea see I told you al Kelly Kelly the best WWE diva! She is hottest in history and allsome wrestling as well! Kelly I love you
  6. Yo Randy.
  7. Dolph'sZiggler everybody. Performing a act he calls the KellyKlitrider
  8. how i yearn for the days when marketability was earned. Nowadays all you have to do is have the look, you can be shit in the ring, but if you have the look we'll keep you around just to sell shit
  9. lmao, riiiiiiiiiiight.

    Because divas like Sunny and Sable were oh so talented :lol1:
  10. Sable was talented at getting hand prints done in paint on her tatas. :haha:
  11. Note to self on how to get money in WWE:
    >needs no talent
    >waste my time on stuff outside wrestling
    >have breasts and a vagina
    >look like every california beach girl
    >best of all, smile
  12. [​IMG]

    I think this was the cause of my first boner when I was 6 or 7 years old
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  13. :fap: my dad has the Playboy Sable was in. I saw it. IT WAS AN AMAZING TIME :fap:
  14. i was referring to the men, divas usually are not marketable unless they are eye candy and most eye candy Divas possess no talent. Hey Dolph shut your mouth before I put my dick in it :true:
  15. You sound like every 12 year old in America who just learned how to curse that is slightly confused about their sexuality. Just to clarify, no, I will not be having sexual relations with you as much as you would love it. Now run along and take your gay fantasies with you.
  16. im gonna make you my Kelly Kelly Dolph and there's nothing you can do about it
  17. I truly pity you if you think you are being the least bit funny right now.
  18. I truly pity you for taking everything so seriously. You need some meds brah, calm your nerves