News More on Lesnar not being used at last night's RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Prince Bálor, Feb 24, 2015.

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  2. Chaos Reigns! :yay:
  3. One of two things happened:

    1) Lesnar flew to Nashville but was told the show would basically center around Randy Orton and the fallout from Fast Lane. This, in and of itself, ticked Lesnar off since he could have just stayed home.

    2) Lesnar is being the whiny b*tch he's always been since he landed on his head at WM19. Nobody cared and has been in business for himself since. He's always been a sh*thead, but that was the day he became a diva instead of a man.

    I lean toward scenario #1 out of optimism.
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  4. Basically it sounds like Brock had told them right before the show that he was done after WM31 and UFC was where he was heading right before or early on during the RAW show and then they got butt hurt and pulled him from advertising.. even though he was still back stage and part of his money for technically still appearing.
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  5. LOL. If Brock wants to get his a** wasted in the UFC by some up and comer that's his business.
    He will lose again for being a one trick pony, in part, because he's over the hill.
    Beating tomato cans got him the UFC title and fighting (and losing to) hungry lions landed his a** in WWE again.
    Athletes get sick. It doesn't mean they look like utter trash upon returning like Lesnar did.

    If he goes back, he'll beat someone more over-the-hill than he is. Then he'll face somebody better, lose and come back crawling through the WWE door for less money than before. Pathetic.
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  6. Personally I think Brock should just go to NJPW and stick with what he knows if he really doesn't want to stick around with the 'E..
  7. Sounds like a rubber match w/ Mir will be in the works. I think he smashes Mir, and most of the HWs outside of the top 5.

    Also if you think Brock's wins over Herring, Couture, Mir, Carwin are wins over cans you are delusional. But you've always seemed pretty disillusioned by Bork's MMA career.
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  8. No. One abomination of a run was enough.
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  9. lmao, I hope this bullshit is true. Talk about juicy drama
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  10. learn2quote sources buddy. I just spend at least 90 seconds getting into squared circle.
  11. do. you. fucking. cry. about. everything?
  12. I. do. for. you.
  13. I'd rather just assume he got sick and left home.
  14. This is odd. Doesn't make sense for him to be there and now appear, especially business-wise. Interesting.
  15. It's becoming more and more likely my #2 scenario is precisely what did happen.
    He flew to RAW to p*ss and moan about his entitlements only to fly back out to Canada in a huff.
    Not even believe Brock is that stupid to make the flight, just to walk out over nothing. My take is, the show was centered around Orton so he walked.

    I want to believe Brock had a reason yet everything about 'the way he rolls' suggests otherwise. He took the flight, showed initiative and strong armed for more money. He's bullied his position by walking out. Same old act