Most disturbing movie you've seen?

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  1. When I was 11 I was out camping and my Dad decided it was a great idea to show me a movie called "House of 1000 corpses". It was night when I watched it in the RV and I was scared out of my mind. It left a scar on my mind for a really long time. So if you guys can find a movie more disturbing than the one I'm talking about then that would be great!
  2. I remember watching one movie stoned once. I don't remember what it was, but there was some guy that built some invincible suit and basically went around his whole town shooting everyone. Disturbing as fuck.
  3. Hobo With a Shotgun,Chum,The Human Centipede One/Two,and, Teeth.
  4. Sinister... Scared the shit out of me.
  5. I heard about Teeth, the plot seems like a comedy.
  6. Probably Schindlers list.
  7. Most of these are comedies.
  8. William Defoe is boss though. might watch.

  9. :goatface: Why would he go balls deep in her on a bunch of corpses? I must watch more for a better explanation.
  10. Cannibal Holocaust. It's from 1980. My father loved it and wanted me to watch it when I was 7.

  11. That movie is awesome. It was a pioneer in the 'found footage' genre of movie. Pretty entertaining throughout, only bad part is they actually killed some of those animals in those scenes, which is fucked up.
  12. Yeah, but I was 7 and I was scared as fuck tbh. Right now I watch it and I enjoy it.
  13. Well shit if we are going by that token than "Child's Play" is probably the most 'disturbing' film I've seen, because I was 4 at the time. Really shook me lmao
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  14. A Serbian Film. Total head f**k. Not gonna give away the plot but look it up.
  15. Goal 3 because it was so bad.
  16. Oldboy and Audition.
  17. I was gonna say Cannibal Holocaust. It's not really that great IMO but it has it's moments and I'm sure you'll find yourself at least slightly disturbed by it (especially if you're a guy, that castration scene is one you wouldn't want to watch twice.)