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  1. *Regulators is playing on the radio as Dirk Turdis makes up his own lyrics*

    It was a clear black night, a nice clean scent
    Dirk Turdis on the streets, trying to prevent
    some skirts from getting robbed, losing all they junk
    just rollin in his ride, screaming "Stop you punk!"

    *Dirk jumps out his car to chase down the purse snatcher making his get away*
    Dirk: You'll never escape me evil doer!
    *Dirk starts running faster. The thug sees Dirk is gaining ground and tosses the purse aside hoping Dirk will stop his pursuit. But the tactic fails and soon Dirk is parkouring over vehicles to catch up to the thug. Dirk snags a foot and trips the thug up. Dirk picks him up by his collar*
    Dirk: Did you think you could escape? Stealing some old woman's purse what kind of a man are you?
    *The thug rears back and lands a kick square in Dirk's groin. He drops the thug as he rears back in pain. As the thug starts to take off he is jerked back like a dog on a short chain. Dirk had recovered enough and grabbed the back of his collar as he tried to run.*
    Dirk: Oh you are going to regret that sir.
    *Dirk picks the man up and suplexes him on the concrete in the parking lot he tackled him in. As he lay on the ground writhing in pain Dirk climbs onto a car roof. He smiles and gives the thug a wink as he points his hand like a gun at him.*

    *Dirk leaps from the car and double foot stomps the thug, who now lies motionless on the ground.*
    Dirk: So is the fate of all wrong doers who end up in the path of Dirk Turdis.
    *Dirk retrieves the purse and returns it to the elderly lady it was stolen from. She thanks Dirk and and gives him a piece of candy from her purse. He smiles as he unwraps it and pops it in his mouth as he climbs back in his hoopty. *

    Dirk: Bad guys beware - Dirk Turdis is fair!
    *honk honk*