Mourinho back to Chelsea?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Stopspot, May 31, 2013.

  1. I was reading the sports section of Sweden's biggest newspaper today and found an article saying that Mourinho had signed a contract with Chelsea again, citing the Sun as a source. I know the Sun isn't the most credible of papers so I was wondering if anyone has any other sources on this. I know that he is supposed to leave Real by the end of the season but I have found no sources on him going back to London.

    If this is just rumors blown out of proportion, could you see him going back? He was pretty successful with Chelsea after all.
  2. While it's almost certain that he's going back to Chelsea at this point i don't know about any contract signing ATM.
  3. Yeah it's pretty much guaranteed now.
  4. Have you been living under a rock? He has been certain to return to Chelsea ever since the beginning of this season. There is an article on it every single week. He is 100% going to be Chelsea manager next season.
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  5. I don't care about or follow La Liga so obviously I don't follow Jose Mourinho's status with his club.
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  6. But you follow the English Premier League... It's mentioned every week, lol.
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  7. I don't really care where he goes, he left and will be next season in another team as Pellegrini (or however it's written)
  8. Yep he's going back to Chavski, I'm interested in how well he works on the comeback.
  9. Pretty simple tbh Seabs. All top players will want to go there because it's Mourinho, he will have endless money to spend because it's Chelsea, and success will simply follow. I don't think they'll win next year though; United and City are simply too strong at the moment.
  10. This feels a bit like that time I made a thread in the TNA section announcing Mike Knox and Luke Gallows were in Aces and Eights when everybody already knew :okay:
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  11. 99% confirmed
  12. Unless Mourinho dies or Chelsea folds...
  13. Lol wouldn't it be hilarious if he didn't go now?

    Not happening though, The Special One is coming back to England.
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