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    Me and @Shadow were talking about this earlier today and I wanted to see what you all think of this.

    Every Friday or Saturday (Whatever is best for everyone that week) I make a Live Discussion thread and we watch a movie that we all voted on earlier in the week, I think it could be a fun idea to just relax.

    Please leave your thoughts and if you are interested so I can write up a list of people and also post some movies we could watch and I will make a poll on it, I have added some movies I though of to the list until we get more.

    Members List:

    Slim Shady
    @Trip in the Head


    Batman (1989)
    Step Brothers
    Dazed And Confused
  2. Would probably be hard to orchestrate, since if some people pause it goes out of sync. The thread probably wouldn't get many replies either since people would be losing plot dialogue to reply. LDs for something like wrestling isn't as bad because there's not a whole lot of talking (source: I watch every wrestling match and join in every live discussion really).

    Might just be better to try and have a book-club type deal, where you just discuss the movie afterwards and give your opinion, but even then it'll probably be hard to organize, because certain people might not have access to the film or know how to get access to it without paying.
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  3. We did this before for a while, soon fizzled out.
  4. I was going to use a synch thing Shadow was helping me with so we are all at the same point, If we went with watching it then discussing we would need to make sure someone has found it online without downloading and just share the link via PM
  5. Sounds fun, if I had the time. My computer screen is friggin tiny though. Not made for watching movies. Isn't there a thing on xbox where you can watch a netflix movie with a party? Never tried it
  6. Sweet, I dont know and not everyone has netflix like myself
  7. My first movie nomination would be dazed and confused btw. Guess we'll see if it works out.
  8. The point is, if someone goes to the toilet or something and pause their stream, it keeps going for everyone else so then people are at different points.
  9. NO BREAKS!!!
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  10. Just dont pause the film and ask for a recap, in the cinema you dont get to pause it and also take a shit before the movie.
  11. This is supposed to be fun, not full of restrictions lmao.
  12. So is the cinema. There is no restriction do what you want, you are not required to sign up anyway.
  13. I recommend this loads of times. People always end up having time constraints.
  14. I'm down with this.
  15. only if I get to choose the movies. I don't want to watch pee wee's big adventure

    I'll be there when you play Shawshank redemption or one flew over the cuckoo's nest
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  16. Ill be down for batman for sure, that is one damn good movie.

  17. The hell you dont!
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  18. Sure, sounds like a fun idea to me.