Movies in WWE Studios

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  1. We know that in WWE ''there's a lot of acting'' according to Chris Jerico although I know that the wrestling is fully real !!
    So do you think due to their acting experiences in acting in WWE do the WWE superstars get an advantage in bagging movies in WWE Studios and also acting in them?
  2. No, WWE movies are horrible.
  3. Yes, WWE movies are amazing.

  4. :isee:

  5. some of 'em are just fuck but some of 'em are real jewels if you have an eye to recognise them
  6. Legendary wasn't that bad for an independent movie. Don't really know if WWE studios was behind the production of it though.
  7. Legendary was the film I was talking about. It was larger than life.And yes for your kind information it was promoted by WWE Studios (P) Ltd.
  8. i liked that 12 rounds movie
  9. What? No love for The Chaperone?