Storyline Moving Forward, Moving On.

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  1. Aiden Ryan stands in the ring, His eyes shimmer as the audience surrounding turns into flash photography. He looks down shielding his eyes by staring at his feet, then looks up once more to see the audience awaiting another typical. Aiden Ryan speech. Microphone in hand he begins to speak softly.

    "I very much appreciate the kind welcoming from my peers and the admirers of wrestling. I am not here to gloat, I am not here to call out anyone, I am merely here to depart from something that is no longer a passion nor something that i should continue doing for the rest of my life. I would be lying if i didn't say this wasn't a fun experience, this helped me become a stronger person in both mentality and physicality. I joined forces with a dominant stable and had a fantastic, memorable moment with my former superior, I had an amazing rivalry with one of the best workers here today, Rita Kendall. She displayed dominance and didn't flaunt around her gender like most athletes do. She is one of the wrestlers and that is something she doesn't get enough credit for. I got commended by two men who despise eachother so very much, Alias Antonio and Joey Bryant. I was awarded my first ever and only slammy by Alias, and then later placed into the speech by one strong believer, Joey. I'm sorry that i didn't exceed your expectations, and though my career was very short lived. It wouldn't of had any meaning if both of you guys didn't reach out for me, so for that i thank you both. Nick, You were a great stable partner, and our moments in the MITB ladder match last year is something that i'll never forget. Victoria Parker taught me alot, though no interactions she taught me that us crazies may be weak in the brain, but we have a stomach that can withstand anything and everything. We may be slightly unhinged, but that doesn't mean we can't pack a powerful punch and create history each and every time we step into the ring. Though there are many names that i've missed, I don't want to linger this one any longer, but know i respect every single person who has entered this company. Without anyone of you, there would be no me."

    "And one final note that i want to leave on is that, though championships are vital in this company, It's the memories you make with your peers, it's the history you create that makes this industry work. Don't pride yourself on just wanting to be champion, reach out, grab your moment and don't fucking let go until you've won that war. Create your own path, and become your own legend."

    Placing the microphone down, He looks up the rampway and gives a final bow to his peers, and a final bow to his following. Leaving the ring by the middle rope he hops down and looks at the ring as he slowly backs his way up the ramp. No Tears, No Anger, Just a smile of satisfaction.

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  2. Solid way to go out. Read, vote, and eventually get back in it.