News Mr. Fuji passes away

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  1. Full article here.

    RIP Mr. Fuji
  2. R.I.P Mr. Fuji
  3. Very unfortunate to hear his passing. I give my condolences to his friends and family, and we lost one of the best managers in wrestling history.
  4. Big loss to the business, RIP Mr Fuji
  5. Awww :emoji_slight_frown: I loved Mr Fuji... he was one of the all time great managers in my view. His run with Demolition as tag champions was spectacular. I loved how he turned on them WHILE they were tag champs

    RIP Fuji Sensei
  6. Fun fact: Fuji was one of, if not the first wrestler to use a superplex
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  7. That sucks to hear.

    RIP Mr. Fuji
  8. Always unfortunate to see Wrestling legends pass, Rest in Peace.
  9. Hated him as a kid. Grew to respect him immensely as I got older. Excellent performer. RIP
  10. A sad loss to the wrestling industry and to the world.
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