Mr. ICW WHC is about to also be Mr. ICW Tag Team champion

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    *Lord Lee is sat in his office with his IWT Euro belt and ICW WHC both stood proudly at the front of it, his usual suit ensemble is worn.*

    Lord Lee: Remember last Sunday when I won this *Points to the ICW belt* against the talent that is Plasma Snake, well next Sunday, I will defeat him AGAIN, with the help of the bringer of misery, Awful News Adam. I myself have some Awful news, Sunday, your beloved duo of Kaz Miller and Plasma Snake.....WILL LOSE TO ME!! I will make them both tap, and afterwards, your honourable and integral Commissioner will give me and ANA thanks, raising our powerful fists high in the air, indicating our victory! It's not asif them losing means much anyway, they're going for some sort of lightweight belt so I'm sure that will suffice their low ambitioned apetites. Be ready though, because you must remember.... YOU CANNOT BEAT, THE RICH ELITE!

    *The feed cuts*
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