Mr. IWT Euro Champ is going to be your FIRST Mr. ICW WHC!

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  1. *Lord Lee comes out on the ramp at 0:33 in the song, he raises his right fist in the air, proudly rubbing his IWT Euro belt with his other hand and nodding, he then strolls down the ring, winking at whoever boos him, he gracefully walk up the steps and in the ring. He pretends to headbutt the ring announcer to make him run away like a bitch, the microphone is left in the ring regardless. Lord Lee swiftly lifts his Euro belt in the air, he then kisses it and places the belt back around his waist. He picks up the microphone with determination, fixing to to say something.*

    Lord Lee: Here I am, one of IWT's fastest rising competitors.... HERE IN I.....C.....W!

    *A mixture of boos and cheers fill out the arena*

    Lord Lee: I may have the mighty challenge of Dolph's at IWT-Mania II, but that doesn't mean I can't come here and win gold in ICW as well. I have been talking with ICW managment.....And they have said, I have a World title shot, at the first ICW show!! Kudos to them, they know money making potential when they see it, an IWT PPV main eventer is quite the accolade, which I will greet with the accolade of being the FIRST ICW World Heavyweight CHAMPION!! Be ready ICW universe......For I will do things that you may not like, and may even frighten your poor naive souls.....But by the end of my time here, your heart will be empty, it will be a void, black, hollow vortex that keeps close all your darkest feelings and emotions. I will bring them out of you and the competitors in this E-fed. You're welcome!!

    *Boos erupt as Lord Lee chuckles, he drops the microphone in the ring and strolls out of it. He sarcastically blows kisses to the disapproving crowd as he walks up the ramp. At the top of the ramp, he raises his right fist and shouts "YOU CANNOT BEAT THE RICH ELITE!!"*.
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  2. And of coarse you won...