Voting Mr. Smith vs Aids for GM position/Rematch

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Who won?

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  1. Aids Johnson

  2. Mr.Smith

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  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    Aids Johnson (@Aids Johnson) vs Mr. Smith (@Shadow)​

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,

    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.


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  2. The lights dim, before a giant blast of pyro goes off.

    Aids walks out after 30 seconds, walking out to the ramp before posing. He stops before a hero pose, running down to the ring - sliding in. Aids grabs a mic and his bottle of scotch before hitting up the lower corner. As he steps back, Aids sets the bottle down before holding the mic up.

    The champ, is, HERE! I could come out here and bring my shovel for my opponent, but everyone in this arena knows what i have done for the IWT since day one. They know the shadow was more of a puppet than Pinocchio, dude is a walking joke. I dont even need to talk shit to dude, I can just ask questions he cant answer to: what has changes since you were made gm? Did you bring your balls with you? Is IWT better for the change you made? Hell, does Christian look better for you taking his spot?

    The answers are all laughable, but there is only one question the people really need to ask, and that is simple. Will Aids Johnson hold the future of the IWT back, or will he invest in it? That question is simple, I care about this company. More than my legacy, more than my past, more than my future. I am the architect who helped build the IWT move up from the ground floor, and there is no one who deserves to see this company in the future than Aids Johnson.

    Now people will talk shit, but this is not the TNA or WWE's of this world. I am a champion who has always listened, and there is nothing I am not willing to do for the sake of the IWT's future. This is my legacy.........but more importantly this is OUR future.
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  3. *After of minute of silence Mr.Smith's theme finally hits*

    *Mr.Smith walks out on stage in a 3-piece suit, he clearly isn't dressed for competition. He quickly walks down to the ring, enters, and takes the mic from Aids*
    Mr.Smith: "That was heartwarming Mr.Aids, it truly was. Now if you could cut the crap that'd be great. You come out here and spew this nonsense that you don't care about your legacy as much as the IWT itself, but we all know those words don't hold any weight once so ever. What's with this sudden change of heart? You've never cared about this company, I mean you've walked out before while you were a champion nonetheless for a second rate company. How are we supposed to know you won't pull that again? You don't have anything to lose at this point besides your rematch and everyone knows that."

    Mr.Smith: "You come out here to question my credibility as a commissioner and as a man, yet you didn't give any points as to why you'd make a good replacement besides the same ol' "I care about this company and I'll do whatever is best for you" shtick all the past people in power have done. You think all you have to do is dress nicely and give the people what they want to be a commissioner, but it's much more than that. You have to come in early every day and you have to deal with all the papers and documents that keep this company running. You have to keep track of every single wrestler on this roster and make sure everyone is able to compete at all times. And most importantly you have to make a lot of tough decisions, a lot of which aren't always what the fans want. So, are you willing to just about give up your wrestling career for of all that?"

    Mr.Smith: "Now let's move on past that. Not only does this match put my commissioner spot on the line, but it also puts your rematch at the IWT title on the line. That's honestly something I don't need, I don't need to step in the ring for the IWT's main title to prove what I can do. But you Mr.Aids, that's all you have left. You may win this match, but what would you do if you lost your rematch? Would you quit to focus on being a real commissioner, or would you be power hungry and insert yourself into the title scene? That's the real question here, what would you do without the title to keep you...relevant?"

    *Mr.Smith hands Aids the mic and awaits his response*
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  4. Hah! Yeah right!
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  5. Aids looks up at Jonathan, who has just finished going from power tripping and trying to end the match - to opening it up with his back against the wall. Aids holds up his mic and points towards Jono.

    It is a hard world we live in, where the biggest vagina in the IWT is so tearful, he has to attempt to stop the match, and before letting things continue - he takes a shot at the competitors involved. Jonathan, the same joke facing Adam aka the unknown at wrestlemania. The two of them demand a match close to the main event when a divas title replay would draw more than the both of them.

    Cowards. You see, the match was held back because the world fears what Aids Johnson would be as a general manager to the company. People see the small things and use assumptions to piece the puzzles together. The truth of the matter is simple - I will not be your IWT GM. What I am here to do is replace the two least qualified members of the creative staff, and to give the IWT people who have something to actually contribute. This hijacking has been attempted before, but the members who were sworn to uphold the IWT backed out, spineless cowards who sold out to a small term gain. Those days have ended, the future of the IWT has been built with people who would sacrifice anything to build the company that made them.

    The IWT grew on the backs of competitors who were willing to give anything and everything to make it successful. The General Managers stepped on anyone who disagree'd, ignoring the people who truly deserved a future in the company for their own gain - until someone stood up against them.

    This is not a revolution, this is the IWT's resolution. I may not be the king people will stand behind, but I am certainly the solider who does what matters most when asked to lead. The IWT is ready for the future. Don't stand behind me, stand with me.
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  6. OOC: ............................................
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  8. Who ever wins, best show their online status.....Jonathon..
  9. *Mr.Smith takes the mic from Aids once more*
    Mr.Smith: "Let me ask you one more thing, Mr.Aids. What exactly are you wanting to change about the IWT? Some would say this has been the most successful the IWT has ever been. You claimed we don't invest in the future, but it seems you haven't taken a look around you lately. We're finally moving away from the past and are looking forward, something you said we're not doing. A ton of new stars have risen up recently, stars like D'Z, Nick, Kaizer, Jwab, Alias, Sir Lee, and Joey Bryant. ~The crowd pops at the mention of Bryant's name~ You see, they are the real future of this company."

    Mr.Smith: "But most importantly, this is the first time in months that the IWT title hasn't revolved around you or Victoria Parker! I kindof feel like that's why you're so upset with the company right now. I mean just last month you on the top, you were Aids Johnson- the IWT Champion! And now you're just a more disheveled form of the has-been you were. You know that without that title you're just gonna fade into obscurity like you were destined to."

    Mr.Smith: "As I've stated before I don't need your title rematch, it serves of no purpose to me. So, you gave me a pretty good idea. I'm going to do something similar to what you said that you would do with my commissioner spot, I'm gonna take it and hold a tournament for it. The winner of said tournament would get to live their dream and be in the main event of IWTMania 2 along with Joey and Bruce! But of course, you would be exempt from that tournament."

    *Smith pauses a moment before saying his final words*

    Mr.Smith: "I sincerely hope you'll let me watch IWTMania beside you in the back, I'll bring the drinks."
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  10. Ooooooohhh:shock::boss:
  11. 6-1, the champ is here.
  12. 7-1 now bitches.
  13. Fuck it, Bill i'm sorry but...."The 43RD UNITED STATES NUGGET IS AIDS JOHNSON!!!!"
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  14. lmao and you hate being called a comedian.
  15. Yeah......
  16. Spinzz runs out from the backstage area, slides in the ring and nails Mr. Smith with a clothesline, sending the ref to call for the bell.

    Spinzz stands in the ring, looking down at the downed Mr. Smith, he turns his eyes to a seething Aids before climbing out of the ring and grabbing a mic. as he walks back backstage he says:

    Spinzz: It's nothing personal man, it's just best for business.
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  17. *A dazed Mr.Smith gets to his feet, you can see a smirk on his face. He motions for the reff to raise his hand in victory Mr.Smith grabs a mic, rolls out of the ring, and heads toward the stage.

    Mr.Smith: "Im sorry, but I think you'll understand. Keep your rematch, it does me no good. If it's any consolation you were a solid b+."
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