MrSackfist vs Dat Kid (Pre Match Hype)

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  1. Dat Kid I am calling you out. MOD match. But just to enlighten the rest of the fans, I returned and was offered a place in the group which I accepted. However what I didn't understand is why I was not added to the Hierarchic until mentioned, and when added as a lousy member. Tsk Tsk Dat Kid. I agree I shouldn't be given much, but a member of the cabinent at least. I mean I am the guy who could be bringing the European Championship to MOD. I am a valued member. That is why I asked for this match. & When I win I will see my rightful place as VP of MOD. But now that comes at a cost Dat Kid. See if I win, that puts me on the list as a contender, maybe not #1, maybe not even #2, but it does put me on the list for your US Title. Now I am not saying I have any intention to challenge for it, but it is nice having that thought in the back of your mind.

    So lets hear what the champ has to say.
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  2. Great thread, new way seems to be running good so far, what's your opinion?
  3. I think it is good so far, Feels much more like a show now than just random street fighting to be honest.
  4. Great to hear!
  5. There's already one VP :mad2: :dawg:
  6. Excuse me if this is short im on my way to the arena now after a photo shoot with the belts, since i will have an exclusive article with IWT Magazine this month. (Someone should make IWT magazine or i will)

    Sackfist, me and you go way back man ever since i got to this place. Hell you're the guy that gave me my big break and hired me to FNW back when I had a british gimmick before El Nino. Those were great times but lets face it, since the what have you done. I mean everything after that has failed. I mean i mighy be the man with the worst win/loss record but your failures stack up pretty high. I mean you tried to have monday night war with the chairmen of the WWEF...and lost.

    I cant have someone like that helping me run the show in the Ministry of Darkness. Now i gave you a break by letting you in the group because of out friendship an you do occasionally come up with innovative things, but lets face it. You're the vince russo of wwef, its hit and miss with you. I cant take the risk with you being on the cabinet, let alone VP
  7. Hit & Miss? We do go way back, but I think you know me better than that. I seem to recall some RAW Recaps that eventually flopped. A Great idea which I would go on to offer you some good ideas, but you up and gave up. Me & you aren't so different there are we?

    I am bringing something to this site which I have wanted to, so I already had something in up my sleeves before I returned. I deserve to be VP of MOD, because I am the ideas guy that MOD needs
  8. My money on @MrSackfist to win this!

  9. Suddenly the theme comes out, and Aids Johnson comes, mic in hand, clearly in a good mood.

    Cut your champions music. The IWT is in need of matches like this, and as a people's champion, i can appreciate you characters bringing new members into the mid card. Thank you, Sack-dor, and Dat From, we all appreciate you making the US title worth voting for, because my life as champion has been rough. @"senhor perfect" is wasting my time, your time, and the time of all of the great fans here while he goes for his 2nd loss vs Aids, Champion of the Universe.

    @Christian needs to remind himself he might be champion of the world, but i am still the man who will always be better, stronger, and greater than he could ever dream of being. The IWT has AIDS, and once you made me champion, Sammartino fears my reign.
  10. *Senhor's music plays, Aids looks at the top of the ramp smugly awaiting the arrival of his rival*

    *Out of the crowd behind Aids, rushes Senhor, and lays out Aids with the Perfect Brainbuster*

    *Senhor picks up the mic, looks around at the crowd, drops the mic and walks away*
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  11. *Aids is laid out and is in pain
    *Christians theme hits
    *Crowd goes wild
    Announcer: What on earth!?! What's Christian doing on RAW! He's a Nitro star!
    *Christian runs into the ring and prepares to spear Aids.
    *Aids slowly gets up
    *Christian yells "I'm better than you!"
    *Christian leaves
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  12. Sackfist jumps the guard rail with steel chair in hand and approaches Christian, Christian backs up the ramp.
  13. *Gets up slowly, stumbling around the ring before picking the mic back up.

    You may have won this day, but there is no cure for Aids. *holds up the belt.

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  14. *Dat Kid who was awkwardly standing in the ring as this happened walks towards Aids who is currently raising his title*

    Nice belt

    *exits the ring*