Storyline Muff, What is Winning?

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  1. *When the music quiets down, Schizo stares intently at the camera. One of his eyes is swollen shut and he keeps picking at it while he talks*

    Muff, in our previous match... there was no winner? But what is winning really? Is winning what happens when you score a pinfall or make someone tap out? Does that really make you a winner?
    Does the wrestler who won the match... the one who got the pin... still win if he loses his career in the match? Does he still win if he pins my shoulders to the mat but is too injured to ever fight again? Does he still win if he can never wrestle but I can?

    In the same vein, can a dead man ever be the winner? Can you win if you cease to exist? CAN YOU WIN IF YOU DIE?

    *Schizo begins raking his fingernails down the bits of his face not covered by the mask, causing minor bleeding*

    Yes! A dead man can be a winner! And I'll tell you why! Because winning isn't having your hand raised! Winning isn't money! Winning isn't a gold belt! Winning is being the one who is slightly... SLIGHTLY! less injured or dead than his opponent.

    You want to know how a dead man wins? He lives for one second longer than the man he kills before him.

    *Schizo pauses and begins fidgeting in frustration and talks angrily*

    But no! Our game is not about killing and you're not going to die... and neither am I. But know that I DON'T CARE about having my hand raised...I DON'T CARE about your rules and I am NOT trying to win in the way you raising a hand. For me...the winner is the one who walks away less mangled than the one who is carted away on a stretcher.

    And I have every intention on winning.
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