Murray demolishes Federer

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Aug 5, 2012.

  1. Best Tennis display I've ever seen from Murray. He raped Djokovic, and then destroyed the GOAT Federer.
  2. Yeah i was watching it :jericho:
  3. Dang, I was getting ready to watch an exciting match... then Murray got up and beat his ass. Great performance, Fed's look said it all.

    Hope he can keep this going and win a few Slams.
  4. I hope this gets him over the stigma of winning the big one, he seemed to struggle to get over that last hurdle at times.
  5. This should be a big one. In a few years the olympics will be counted as a slam. Guaranteed.
  6. I care so much :jeritroll:
  7. He looked like a new man, well done to him. What a weekend for team GB this has been. Bet you regret that comment now Mr France PM.
  8. Eurofags and their give a damn about tennis

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  9. Everybody else's lack of concern aside, it was a terrific display of British tennis dominance.

    And it made my wife (who is big on her Scottish heritage) very happy. I get the feeling there's going to be bagpipe music at my house later and I might be asked to put on my kilt.

  10. we have an Olympic thread btw. lock this trash heap
  11. Not sure if sexual innuendo or not.
  12. Fixed. :pity:
  13. This is true, if anyone is great at putting a ball over a net it's the Scots.
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  14. Omfg so much win, argh this is why I love you :brofist:
  15. Touche.
  16. :otunga: I'll let you be the judge.

  17. Why can't he play like that at Wimbledon?
  18. I missed the match as I was working, but I'll definitely have to rewatch it.

    For anyone who saw it, was it Murray dominating or Federer feeling the effects of that long match against del Potro? Or a combination of the both (which is what I assume). His service game against Djokovic was awesome, and I assume it was the same caliber against Federer.

    I'm glad for Andy Murray, it's cool he got to win his second chance match in front of his home fans. It would be nice if he could string together some good performances, as he's got a real shot to move up in the world rankings if Nadal is hurt significantly.
  19. Bit of both but mainly Murray. Everything he hit went in, it was exceptional.
  20. Yeah, I had a feeling he'd win. It was the perfect combination of things for him: Federer played a long match that he got dominated in and barely won, Murray played a short match that he dominated, and he'd been looking comfortable the whole Olympics.

    It'd be cool to see him win the US Open, and have four different Slam winners, but I'll still pull for Federer or Nadal over him, but he's a very close third. I hope that 2013 is his year and that he can win one or two tournaments finally.
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