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  1. Okay I was on Facebook today and there was this dude called Tristan Barker(major shit talker with shit load of fans on Facebook) and he was boasting about talking shit about the band Blood on the Dance Floor. He spammed them and just kept talking shit after shit about them, and I just don't get it. He's not the first, I've seen this PLENTY of times, with people like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, hell even my favorites like Axl Rose and the new Guns N' Roses. Why is it people spend so much time bitching about music? Of course they aren't going to like that stuff, but why spread it? I don't spread Lil Wayne, Bieber, or Lady Gaga. I don't hate them, nor will i say they suck(except for Lil Wayne holding a guitar and forgetting to plug it in) because it's their thing. Music is an art, if I don't like a painting I'm not going to look at it, nor will I sit there and talk shit about it, because I know that the painting was made from something that motivated the creator, for whatever reason.

    Instead of bitching and complaining about music 24/7, why don't people just search for good music? I hear people bitch 24/7 saying today's generation has no good music, maybe that's because most of it isn't exposed because of the hate gets more attention then anything. I can say from first hand experience that if I were to just bitch 24/7 about music and stay close minded, that I would have not found all the music I had, not even half of it. People need to open their minds more, Bieber makes his own stuff let him, he isn't hurting anyone, Lady Gaga acts freaky, fine let her if you don't like it, go listen and watch some live stuff from your favorite bands, do something to EXPAND your musical taste, not contain it and taint it with hatred.
  2. People love to hate
  3. Great bloody post. I spend hours trawling last fm, youtube, amazon, some radio stations like KEXP to find music plus i follow bands on twitter who tweet about ppl they like.

    Theres tons of good music out there u just have to look for it, stumble across it or have someone let u kno bout it.
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