MVP discusses a "hip-hop stable" idea

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, May 25, 2012.


  2. Good to see Vince had his pills that day, Cena and Truth can't rap and I'm unsure on MVP.
  3. Well, that's... different. :haha:
  4. It's all about Vince. He's completely out of touch with pop culture. He's 60 years old and hasn't watched 99% of movies. This would be a great stable. Really make RAW exciting, but didn't. Why? Because of the same reason that 90% of the things are wrong with WWE; Vince McM :bury::upset::dawg:ahon.
  5. I'd heard R-Truth and John didn't get along so famously. There was sometting about an airport incident which took place a bit before R-Truth came to WWE. I'm not certain the time frame of this idea, or whether or not Vince wanted John associated with R-Truth.
  6. They are professionals, they can work out their differences. :dawg:
  7. That would be a nice idea to see tbh, Finally Put Cena in something other than the main event
  8. What a shit idea. Especially MVP thinking he should be the leader of a stable over John Cena.
  9. The MVP quote says John was going to be the leader :obama:
  10. I guess the positives for this idea are Cena out of the ME and him doing a different act.
  11. Lol this.

    Horrible idea. You don't want to align a top star to a face stable.
  12. Yes, just seeing a face stable is already weird (unless there's a heel stable to feud with), and with a big name like Cena it wouldn't end up very well.
  13. I would so hate that stable.
  14. U h8 Rap? :burns:
  15. I love the old school rap, like Nas' young days, NWA, Public Enemy, Mobb Deep, Mos Def, etc.
  16. I'd rather see a stable with three Mark Henry's than that.
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