MVP discusses a "hip-hop stable" idea

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Snowman, May 25, 2012.

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  2. Good to see Vince had his pills that day, Cena and Truth can't rap and I'm unsure on MVP.
  3. Well, that's... different. :haha:
  4. It's all about Vince. He's completely out of touch with pop culture. He's 60 years old and hasn't watched 99% of movies. This would be a great stable. Really make RAW exciting, but didn't. Why? Because of the same reason that 90% of the things are wrong with WWE; Vince McM :bury::upset::dawg:ahon.
  5. I'd heard R-Truth and John didn't get along so famously. There was sometting about an airport incident which took place a bit before R-Truth came to WWE. I'm not certain the time frame of this idea, or whether or not Vince wanted John associated with R-Truth.
  6. They are professionals, they can work out their differences. :dawg:
  7. That would be a nice idea to see tbh, Finally Put Cena in something other than the main event
  8. What a shit idea. Especially MVP thinking he should be the leader of a stable over John Cena.
  9. The MVP quote says John was going to be the leader :obama:
  10. I guess the positives for this idea are Cena out of the ME and him doing a different act.
  11. Lol this.

    Horrible idea. You don't want to align a top star to a face stable.
  12. Yes, just seeing a face stable is already weird (unless there's a heel stable to feud with), and with a big name like Cena it wouldn't end up very well.
  13. I would so hate that stable.
  14. U h8 Rap? :burns:
  15. I love the old school rap, like Nas' young days, NWA, Public Enemy, Mobb Deep, Mos Def, etc.
  16. I'd rather see a stable with three Mark Henry's than that.