My absence...

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  1. "Excuse me! I have something to say..."

    *stands in front of everyone in sweats holding a box full of office supplies*

    "Some people may have noticed that I was absent for a long time. In my absence I have done things I am quite embarrassed to admit but feel you all deserve to know the truth. I denied it for so long now... I don't know where to begin so... I will just put it out there. I was very unprofessional and had quite a few "encounters" with FTJ. It happened in my office, in the locker rooms, Jonathan's car, even in the ring after and before shows. The way he yelled at me... His frequent love letters through e-mail... I was out of control and needed to seek help. I had to walk away from the company. I am in rehab now. I wish you all the best of luck in your carriers.

    *walks towards the back door*
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  2. Ironic, she walked out of the back door, that's usually the way FTJ came in :ksi:
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  3. So thats why the ring was sticky in my matches...........
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  4. *Jacob watching at home*

    Damn! FTJ can make sex and I'm still single. Well, at least I still have Victoria's pictures :fap:
  5. OOC: I'm laughing so much. Jonathan's car, ahahahaha!
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  6. OOC: Jonathan's car?:awyeah:
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  7. Not sure which one i pity :harvey:
  8. Both? :ksi:
  9. i envy both, not sure which one id pity. you know im looking for a new manager, right? :stopspot:
  10. Continue.. :rock:
  11. Just be a prettier version of what jonathan was for me. Ill carry you, you (in his case he paid for whores) cut out the middleman, and you get to hold onto my briefcase until i turn it into gold before your very eyes.
  12. That... Sounds like... WITCHCRAFT!! :angry:

    I'm down. :obama: