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  1. I got bored today so I decided to make my first frame by frame animation :3

    It took about 2 hours to do this but I'm happy with the outcome for my first frame by frame animation.


    FROM NOW ON IMA POST SOME OF MY PRACTICE ANIMATIONS HERE :3 There's one on page 2 from last night that I made and there's this one that I just finished. :otunga:

  2. What I do when I get bored

    Is it a hand...

    or a foot?
  3. What I do when I get bored

    Yes it's a foot fist :gusta:

    Just kidding it's a hand :3


    Wait holy shit I get that :3
    Cause the fist looked like a foot :3

    Thank one took me a while... :facepalm:
  4. What I do when I get bored

    I thought it was a hand that transformed into a foot.

  5. RE: What I do when I get bored

    Reminds me of how Ed, Edd and Eddy use to be drawn like.
  6. RE: What I do when I get bored


    Either way, practice makes perfect champ.
  7. RE: What I do when I get bored

    That's my plan :otunga: I'm gonna try animate something small and reasonably easy like this every day for the next few weeks and then put all my skills together at the beginning of next month and try make a little fight scene.
  8. RE: What I do when I get bored

    play video game! :smug:
  9. What I do when I get bored

    squeeze your penis?
  10. What I do when I get bored

    What a weird dick picture, never seen anything like it.
  11. RE: What I do when I get bored

    I got bored earlier and thought I'd try out making a headband that hangs down from someone blow in the wind, I didn't bother trying to make the hair or the clothing move but that will be what I challenge next. Anyway what do you guys think of it? I think it turned out looking pretty good but there's always room for improvement and I feel that if I had of put in the extra effort at the time I could have done the hair and clothes to make it look better but I didn't so I shouldn't complain. Anyway here it is and like I said next I'm gonna try making the hair and the clothing blow to.

  12. Naruto is gay. lol
  13. Atleast Naruto doesn't take it up the ass Like CM Punk and Deth :X
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