My car by the end of next month :D

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Arrow, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. 2010 Dodge Charger SRT

  2. I call bs.
  3. Not that exact car.. but the same model lol.
  4. I call broken pic!
  5. A lot of corner work, ah? your parents must get a lot of money back in those tax returns?
  6. With your track record I doubt it champ.
  7. Actually, it's my graduation car. Most of the money is coming from my grandparents, since my parents cant afford crap lol. Also, it's all factory stock. Nothing has been changed on it except for the rear wheel shocks. Other than that, everything is good.
  8. Hey, you don't have to believe me, I don't mind haha.
  9. Don't worry I wasn't planning to lol.
  10. :facepalm1: Boys will be boys.
  11. Re: RE: My car by the end of next month :emoji_grin:

    Made me think of the ordinary boys song now, thanks Montana.
  12. That's your doing. Like I said, I'm not getting the car in that pic, just the same model is all. Plus, it's used. It's not like it's being payed off all at once.. lol
  13. Is it me you're looking for?
  14. I can see it in your eyes.
  15. Sick ride bro so jealous!
  16. I can see it in your smile
  17. Believe what you want to I guess. lol
  18. Re: RE: My car by the end of next month :emoji_grin:

    I was singing Lionel Richie with Coleminer stfu.
  19. :haha: