Storyline My Condolences

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  1. *Drake is seen making his exit from his locker room with some luggage at his wayside, he starts to head for the entrance doors but is stopped by IWT's interviewer, Carson.*

    Carson The Interviewer: Excuse me Mr.Wolfe, but can I have a word?

    Drake: ...

    Carson The Interviewer: Everyone wants to know exactly why you attacked Midas after your hard-fought battle, could you care to give us any insight behind your reasoning?

    *Drake remains completely silent but manages to let out a small smirk.*

    Carson The Interviewer: Alright, well we've received news that Midas was rushed to the hospital and is said to be in critical condition. It's already being discussed that he may never be able to step in the ring again. Can you at least give us your thoughts about that?

    Drake: Honestly, whoever attacked him should be in jail right now! He was my friend, my partner and it's a shame that he has to be put through something like that. I can only wish that he has a quick recovery, he has my full support and my condolences.

    *Drake almost unable to contain himself lets out a small chuckle before regaining composure.*

    Drake: In the meantime however, I'm looking ahead... to the Rumble. It should definitely be a fun time, if only Midas could be there to enjoy it!

    *Drake exits through the entrance door, but comes back after a moment without his luggage. He approaches Carson and acts like he's about to say something else. Instead Drake clocks Carson with a viscous right hand, follows up with a couple of knees to the ribs, and tosses him in the wall. Wolfe looks upon the unconscious Carson before taking his leave.*

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