Storyline My days are possibly numbered

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  1. Sack's theme hits

    Sack walks out with a mic in hand and walks to the ring. He stands there and looks at the crowd.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, the IWT Undisputed Champion never gets a day of rest, as Victoria now has a group of 8 ready to knock one another out to be the stand-out contender, to be the one superstar who is worthy to step up and become the champion. And we have a Diverse bunch, champions, fresh superstars and veterans, all eager to become the new IWT Champion"

    Sack pauses for a moment as he looks out at the crowd

    "However I myself have been given the Ric Flair treatment, I have the stipulation where one loss in this tournament means I am gone from IWT. This stipulation, rather than making it something to worry over, that will be another driving force to become IWT Champion. My opportunity to become the IWT Champion is a risk/reward moment. Let me tell you all this, I don't plan on leaving this company. I have been in the mid-card division for my whole career and I don't plan on leaving without having my opportunity at the IWT Title.

    Sack moves to look directly in the camera

    "So to everyone in the IWT Tournament, when you face me, your facing a man who is not only fighting for a title opportunity, HE IS FIGHTING..FOR HIS CAREER, You will not have an easy match against me, and Victoria Parker, I never forget, I recall many months ago, you speared me backstage, and I haven't forgotten. Know this, that title your holding, that is the only thing that will save me, that belt is what will keep me in IWT, So..Vicky..Unlike other superstars with their empty promises, you better hope that I get fired before I reach you, because if I do, you'll see exactly why desperate human beings become animals, and Senhor Perfect , even perfection cannot stop my drive, I look forward to pushing you off the mountain you stand, as the longest reining Champion in IWT, I will prove your beatable and my victory will be an example to the hungry challengers, my victory will inspire challengers to beat you for that title.

    Sack then turns to look at the stage

    "...And Dat Kid, when I win, I can't wait to walk backstage and personally show you what a beating is like from 'MR. MAIN EVENT!!'
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  2. *Senhor appears on the Titantron and begins to chant*

    One more match! One more match! One more match!

    *the crowd joins in*

    That's exactly how many you have left Sack. You want to be the underdog? You want the pity of these fools? Have at it. When you're staring up at the lights on your back and see me standing above you hoisting my glorious title, know that it wasn't me who screwed Sack. Kid screwed Sack. It'll be my pleasure to retire you from IWT.
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  3. Yes, your right Senhor, our match is one more match in your eyes, but not mine. The match we have to me is a challenge for me to prove I deserve to stand toe-to-toe with the main event posse of IWT. Every match of this tournament adds an additional accomplishment to my opponent, the title of retiring a IWT veteran. Don't take this the wrong way, but if anyone is to retire me from this company, It won't be you. Your fighting for a title opportunity Senhor, you've held the major title, I have never had a shot at the title, so I am hungry, and I am on the verge of losing my job here, so I am desperate, and you've never come across anyone who is as hungry & desperate as I am. I am not going to underestimate you, but I don't want you to underestimate me, I strive on giving great matches back to back, and I would hate to catch you off guard. Bring your A-Game, because your gonna need a perfect score to beat me

    Senhor Perfect
  4. My score is always perfect sack. I look forward to being the HBK to your Ric Flair

  5. Well, isn't this just sweet? Mr. Midcard himself...or is it Mr Irrelevant...decides to address me, the IWT's Undisputed Champion. I'll certainly have a lot of fun watching you and the others struggle in your matches during the IWT Tournament. But, lets hope you don't lose your sanity and become terribly unprofessional the way Dat Kid did last night after my Summerslam match with Suicide, or whoever he decides he is now. This beautiful title *Victoria kisses the title* will always be with me because there's nothing I won't do to keep it. Sackfist, you talk about how desperate human beings can become animals. Well, I'd say it's more impressive from my angle as the hunter. You have a target on your back and I'll be waiting for another perfect opportunity to strike and annihilate you right where you stand. If you happen to win the IWT Tournament, don't even let yourself dream about what it would feel like to have this tremendous title around your waist. Losing to me and being kicked out of the IWT is torture enough without having pointless dreams crushed that will never come true.

  6. *Jacob comes out with his usual attire shaking his body to the music's rhythm*

    Vicky, Vicky, Vicky... Didn't remember how stupid can you be. You know what? I think Sackfist's days are numbered because The Cure will do whatever they can to stop Sackfist and everyone in this competition because they want your title. I think you will have to face George or Aids, but who cares? You'll lose your title and you'll cry in the backstage. You'll need someone to help you because you'll be really sad. You will have no gold, and what is Victoria Parker without the gold? She's another wrestler who jobs for IWT. You are alone right now. You have nothing to do against the Cure. You can't beat Aids and you can't beat George. You can't beat them because you can't win a 5 on 1 handicap match. You have no tag team partner. You have no friends around. This people dislike you because you don't really care about them. You'll come out and you'll feel alone. The company that gave you a title reign will be the company where you'll have to job to people like the Cure's midcard members. You'll be like me right now, but the only difference between you and myself, it's that I still have something I haven't done yet. This amazing crowd wants the same thing I want, they want to eradicate the main problem of this company, and it isn't you. When I am over eradicating that problem, I may even retire because I'm a veteran and I feel my time is up in this company, but I won't until I eradicate the Cure!
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  7. Oh hey there Nano, long time no see! I didn't realize you were still in the company. I keep hearing about The Cure, so go right ahead, go and try and 'cure' the company of this group of guys who are trying to take over the company one title at a time. You can handle the midcard side of things and I'll take care of Aids and the title that really matters. You tried to insult me about being alone and I'm flattered that you think you can insult me. The tag team division and Danielson in particular taught me that nothing good can come of true partnerships. Eventually one betrays the other and I'd rather be the betrayer than the betrayed. I prefer being in this situation all by myself. This way everyone is an enemy and I'm not afraid of destroying anyone. Feelings are a liability...and unlike people, titles don't betray you and leave you with unfulfilled promises. Trust in myself is all I could ever need. Aids can have his male cheerleaders in his corner and feel that false sense of confidence when he enters in the ring with me. It's no one's time to shine other than my own and this IWT title is mine to keep.
  8. You know? I'm not going alone to eradicate the Cure and bring back the old days of the IWT. I'm not alone as you are. You can think about it like an insult, but everyone here considers it the truth. No one gives a fuck for you in this company anymore. Yeah, you defended your title against Shadow, it's true. You've proved you are the most powerful female wrestler in this whole company, but you'll be facing one of the Cure's members to defend your title, and he won't be alone in the ring. He will have his other five male cheerleader near to him. They will ruin your title reign and then you'll be alone. You'll be fighting for a midcard title or you'll just job to anyone in this company. You were a revolution. You raised your title up high once and you haven't dropped it out since then, but sooner or later your title reign will be over. I don't want to cure this company, I want to bring back the old days where everyone had a chance and the best wrestler was determined by who had the best in-ring skills. That's what I'm looking for. I know if you face any Cure member in a one on one match you'll probably defeat him, but it's a six on one match. You're awesome, but you can't handle that. I know you can beat anyone in here. Hell, I'm sure that you'll beat me easily. But when it comes into play, numbers are better than quality and preparation. You shouldn't forget what I'm saying.