OOC My Face Run

Discussion in 'IWT Archives' started by Star Lord, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. So some may find this a pointless thread but I think its needed, I am wondering what everyones opinions are on my recent Face Run, I feel im not doing well but I wanted to hear other peoples thoughts.
  2. :annoyed-85:
  3. I'll give you my personal opinion. Just as my promos, yours have that heel style I personally love. The rest of the things, I'm loving your face run because you changed your character and that's something I really wanted to see.
  4. IM kind of going for the Anti Hero, I say what I want when I want and people love it.
  5. That was my current gimmick too lmao. Well, I use a variation where I say what I see and I talk about facts trying to avoid saying "I'll win" when the match hasn't started yet. My catchfrase is "Words are cheap"
  6. So your a face going into Uprising? I'll try to remember that. I haven't really decided if I will go either way. I like the crazy angle where the crowd just loves the amount of punishment I dish out. And frankly I base that on the vote count. The more/less votes I get, the better/worse I picture the match going for my character. Looking forward to the triple threat today.