My favorite MMA fighters (For Seabs)

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  1. 1&2- Duh, Diaz brothers
    3.) Korean Zombie
    4.) Overeem
    5.) Rampage (my original favorite fighter; still love him even though he is declining and seems to not give a shit about fighting, maybe that changes once he leaves the UFC)
    6.) Gilbert Melendez
    7.) Urijah Faber
    8.) Josh Barnett
    9.) Fedor (recently 'retired', we'll see if that lasts)
    10.) Mark Hunt

    a lot of the list besides the top 5 or 6 is interchangeable

    Others in no particular order: Silva & Sonnen, Ronda Rousey, King Mo, Koscheck, Nog Brothers, Shogun, Sexyama, Jake Shields, Melvin Guillard, Wanderlei, Gomi... I'll stop there for now.


    Also post your lists as well
  2. 1) Diaz bro's
    2) Chael
    3) Dos Santos
    4) Velasquez
    5) Koscheck
    6) Jake Shields

    All I really know to a decent extent. The rest are just names I've seen once or something to me.
  3. 1. Diaz brothers.
    2. Chael.
    3. Jake Shields.
    4. Urijah Faber.
    5. Wanderlei
  4. 1. Overeem
    2. Rutten
    3. Shields
    4. Velasquez
    5. Faber
    6. Liddell
    7. Jackson
    8. K. Shamrock
    9. Ortiz
    10. Penn
  5. 1) Nick Diaz
    2) Sonnen - Mainly for the promos
    3) Faber
    4) Jon Jones
    5) Sexyama
    6) Overeem
    7) JDS
    8) Nate ( not seen many of his fights)
    9) Dominick Cruz
    10) Rampage.
  6. Busting out an all time favorites list huh? It would take me a while to come up with that list for myself


    Fuck Dominick Cruz right up his Decisionator arse. Hate that faggot
  7. Sure thing. :dawg:
  8. Forgot Overeem in mine, he'd be third most likely.
  9. :dafuq:

    HOW DARE YOU? :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:issed:
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