My Feel Is Back

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  1. Commentater - This show is sponsered by bill yes bill

    The Blackfire - HELLO I am getting ready for my match ib the ppv very soon and you guy nade this happen

    (All cheers)

    The Blackfire - Now you all may be excited for brock "the stupid idiot who ruined wrestlemaina" lesner being on ufc 200 but this is the match everyone has been waiting for l. Even Donold Trump been waiting for this so much he fired all his staff

    (Crowd laughs)

    The Blackfire - so brother if i was you i would forfit the game why 2 word BARB WIRE

    Camera turns to tsar for an annocment
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  3. Still waiting for that annocment @Roadster
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  4. Still waiting for that annocment @Roadster
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  5. Announcement: This is bad.
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  6. What a shit annocment #WUKforGM
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  7. *annocment
  8. I feel like this warrants a Grammar strike, but that'd be like giving a ticket to a blind fellow for crashing a car, when you're the guy that let the blind guy drive the car, in the first place.
  9. I'm as lost as Bedouin in a sandstorm.
  10. WUK, did you forget your opponents name?
  11. so happy that @Roadster is putting up his rematch clause for the IWT World Championship on the line in a match with WUK. Finally giving the young lad the chances he deserves
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