My Final Thoughts on Xbox One

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Danielson, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Playstation gave us what we want, and so xbox had to give us what we want. That my friends is why competition in buisness is important. It's wonderful that we have so many options for gaming. Because they are always competing with themselves that they have to do what is right with the consumer.

    If you love the xbox, and are so excited about it, love the tv featues, the sports features, the snap featurs. Right now, you can press order and you are not doing harm to yourself directly anymore. But should you? Microsfot tried to screw us over, they tried to do something that we didn't want them to do. Some people say, "it was intovation, it was the future, but the reality of it was that it wasn't. Cloud gaming is a spin, it's an excuse for drm. We saw it with sim city, you saw it with diablo 3, you'll see it again. It's bull shit, they tried to bullshit you, and lie to you, as well as restrict you from buying used games, and disable you from using the console the way you want it. If you decide that you are going to pre-order the xbox one, be aware that this is the company that kicked you. Think of yourself as a loyal dog, with a master that has kicked you. If you have pre-order for a ps4, i recommend you stick with it, let xbox right it's ship. Lets make them scared to fuck us over ever again.

    Will these policy's come back? Probably not, but what is the next way to milk us for more money? Dashboard ads? No more used games, MORE dlc? It's always going to be something, and that terrifies me.

    You have to be careful on how you spend your money, you that waited made a wise decision. It's not going to hurt to wait long enough to know that xbox learned it's lesson. At the end of the day i'm proud to know we encouraged them to make this decision. I'm proud that we kept our wallets in our pockets and didn't pre-order something that we didn't know was right for us.

    We can make a difference in this world, we can change the world around us. By making a decision that is right for YOURSELF. By not letting them run all over us, and giving in. WE CHANGED THE HISTORY OF GAMING. Maybe for better, maybe for worse, I don't know. All i do know is that we have the power to change the world around us. It starts right here with you, we did it here. What change do you want to see in your future next? Stand up for yourself, stand up for you rights. Be the best person you can be

    At the end of the day this is all small potatoes. There are big changes you can make in your life to make youself better.