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  1. A tower of smoke rises from the stage as each light individually switches violently to purple, until the entire arena is covered in it. Dat Kid exits the smoke, walking backwards. He turns around to reveal that he is wearing the World Heavyweight and IWT Championships around his waist. As he walks to the ring the camera gets a close up on his name on the belts.

    The arena which usually had the occasional smark cheering for kid, is now all boos with recent events. Kid climbs into the ring, gets to his knees, and holds both titles up with his arms spread out. The crowd he's facing boos louder. Kid turns to the other side and does the same thing, which gets the same response. Kid lays both titles on the mat.

    My name is Dat Kid and for the second time in my career I have beaten the IWT Champion and World Heavyweight Champion in the same night.

    Dat Kid smiles as the crowd boos so loud that Kid refrains from speaking.

    My name is Dat Kid and as the precursor to Summerslam you got to see me defeat the main event.

    You sold out chants start

    My name is Dat Kid and no matter how loud you boo, chant, cheer, whine, complain, moan, bitch, grunt, scream, and cry I alone am better than what ANY of these so called "generations" have to offer.

    My name is Dat Kid and it doesn't take an idiot to figure this out, but no matter who wins at Summerslam the only true world champion in the IWT is standing in the ring

    The front row is screaming so loud you can hear some of their expletives on the mic. Dat Kid gets out of the ring with his titles and stands in front of a fan who is leaning over the barricade, screaming at Kid.

    My name is Dat Kid and I am STILL. YOUR. GOD!

    Dat Kid drops the mic and dangles the championships in front of the fan's face.
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  2. The Artist walks out to the ramp wearing his TNG T-shirt and looks at Dat Kid with a smirk before he starts talking.

    Artist: My name is The Artist, and I'm sick and tired of your stale ass gimmick. Really, how long have you been saying the same thing? I know running around in an abandoned Burger King calling it a church and having AMW rejects follow you to the ring probably got you a big head, but you're only a fraction of what you say you are. You steal world titles because that's the only way you can stay in the spotlight, but you don't get the cold hard fact that the spotlight only shines for so're not a god you're a washed up hasbeen that doesn't know when to stop running around Alias Antonio and Joey Bryant because they're the only people who actually care enough to carry your ass through a match.

    Artist paces on the ramp before continuing.

    Artist: You may have defeated the 1st generation, the 2nd generation and the 3rd generation but the only generation you haven't beat is The New Generation...We're not The Cure, The Order or...The Church but we are a New Generation that can- *The Artist stops and seems to think before he says*...WILL crush you.

    The Artist waits on the ramp.
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  4. Dat Kid laughs hysterically

    Oh my god that was a good one.

    Allow me to regurgitate the logic you've just spat at me. You said that I, Dat Kid, the man who beat the IWT and World Heavyweight Champion in the same night in a handicap match is a washed up has been. Jesus, I guess I should start losing all of my matches so I can be relevant like you. You can talk about your spotlights all you want, hell you can come out here and interrupt my eloquent speech and try to steal mine. It doesn't matter who the spotlight shines on.

    When the spot light is on me, I'm gonna be wiping your entrails on my welcome mate and when my spotlight fades out like you so boldly predicted, I'M STILL going to be wiping your entrails on my welcome mat. So unless you have anything other than empty threats to say tonight Roadster, I suggest you get the fuck out of here before I leave you hanging on these ropes.
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  5. Artist wakes up.

    Artist: So it took this long to think of something that lame? Get with it, I'm in no way invested with your petty threats. Rub my guts on your welcome mat all you want, you'll just end up fucking that up just like you did back at Uprising.

    Artist drops the mic and walks out of sight.
  6. Uprising? Oh, you mean when you beat me- oh wait! That wasn't you! Oh, were you living a fantasy through other people again. You want to talk about petty threats, at least they're not empty ones like yours. The difference between you and me is when I say I'm gonna kick someones ass, I do it! So I'm gonna make you a guarantee right now. I guarantee you that within the next to months I'm gonna have your ass hanging on these ropes and get you on a higher suicide watch than Robin Williams.

    The internet gets mad

    And that goes for Anonymous too, if he actually decides to show up. Now allow me to finish my speech!

    Dat Kid gets back in the ring and holds up both titles

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