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  1. Awesome guy in Hulkamania, also a great PPV theme for once.
    JBL, awesome mark out moment. YES!

    Intercontinental title shouldn't open the show, should have been the US title considering it was just on pre-show...
    Really, really, really, boring... The Miz.
    Thank god, Mysterio. I can't stand The Miz and I'm awesome shite.
    Cody Rhodes needs new music. FML.
    A tease of Mysterio vs Sin Cara there, but Miz breaks it up. Unfortunately.
    JBL trending on Twitter, YES!
    Yes! Mysterio and Cara fighting now, some awesome spots here.
    That backbreaker by Miz looks so pathetic....
    Mysterio roll up into Cara roll up, 2!!!!!
    Oooh, back+front kick at the same time, sounds like it sucked.
    Some harsh hamstring kicks, ouch.
    Crowd are so dead....
    Oh my god! Powerbomb superplex from the top rope, OUCH.
    This referee counts so fucking loud and really over the top, lmfao.
    Headscissors in the barricade, damn.
    Top-rope flip double legged onto Miz, sucks to be him. Shins to the ribs.
    Under the bottom rope slide belly first looks like it sucks for Rey
    Masked Miz is fucking hilarious. Lmfao.
    1.2.3. for Miz, unfortunately. Good match, *** /*****

    YES! Kane and D Bryan up next! YES! YES! YES! YES!
    Lots of Team Friendship signs. That totally should be their name.
    The winners of the match.... TEAM FRIENDSHIP! :lol1:
    #hardbodyrefs reference. Awesome, I love JBL.
    Houston, we have a problem :emoji_wink:
    HUG IT OUT. HUG IT OUT. HUG IT OUT. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Kofi Kingston is so athletic. Unbelievable!
    Kane and D Bryan win the tag team titles! YES!!!!!!
    Alright match, **3/4 /*****

    One word in 5 languages. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring. Boring.
    Cesaro really needs to get rid of Aksana and this stupid gimmick.
    WWWYKI! Didn't watch pre-show, glad Ryder got it. Stupid of WWE if they let Cesaro drop the title yet though, don't see Zack winning here.
    A sack of bread? Who has a sack of bread?
    Fucking hell, that uppetcut looks like it sucked ass. Bloodly hell.
    Neutraliser! 1.2.3.
    Good match, **1/4 /*****

    Ricardo, you're a stupido.

    EXCUSE ME! Oh no.....
    PG WWE promoting an R rated film as the sponsor? Disgraceful. What if those kids watch that film that contains bad language and sexual content!
    Randy Borton.
    Time for Dolph to job...
    Lets go Ziggler! Lets go Ziggler!
    Dolph trying to grab the hair of a person that's almost bald...
    Zigglers better... Zigglers better... some crazy guys chanting.
    Michael Cole you male shovanist!
    Dr Cole... haha!
    The height Ziggler got on that superplex, fucking hell!
    AWESOME RKO. 1.2.3.

    Divas match now... Layla looks like she's had surgery one her left boob, looks like a scar.
    Haha, ole chants! Oleeeee ole ole ole, ole, oleeeee!
    New divas champion, Eve! 10/10 would bang.

    Lawyer shite video packages...
    Ferrari, nice
    It's a shameful thing lobster head.
    Brogue kick re-instated, didn't see that coming!
    Brogue kick to otunga!
    Multiple arm bars, will sheamus tap? Don't be silly
    BROGUE KICK! 1! 2! 3! Sheamus retains (I didn't see that coming.... yawn...)
    match rating: ***/*****

    Really. they bleeped ass in the video package...
    PAUL HEYMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!

    And it's underway. 30 minutes left of the PPV, gonna be a long one!
    Heymans smurks are just perfect. Not letting anything out but you know something is coming.
    Punk counter into the pin! 1, 2! Ooooh. Close.
    What a clothsline by Cena, reminiscent of a JBL from hell
    What a counter to the 5 knuckle shuffle, boot up, ingenious!
    STF by Cena, but reversed into a STF by Punk!
    Boy does Heyman look concerned... :emoji_confused:
    GTS reversed into stf, please dont tap!!!!!
    go to sleep! connected! only a 2 no! fuck!
    lmao slapping cena, no chance you'd catch me doing that :otunga:
    AA! 1! 2! YES! kick out!
    heymans relief face, lmao. looks like he's 10 y/o and just seen someone kiss.
    Punk is about to blow his stack.... is that PG?
    another gts and another kick out, fuck sake stay down cena!
    ROCK BOTTOM! an ultimate fuck you to the rock, another kick out! something tells me cena is winning this, no!
    aa! 1! 2! KICK OUT! YES!
    no way, no way, cena won the belt. no fucking way
    wait, what
    YES! CM PUNK RETAINS! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    good god, that belt shot, good god almight looked like it sucked!
    what a way to end, awesome show and an awesome main event. match rating: ****3/4 /*****

    Overall PPV rating: ****/*****
    Really enjoyed the event, all the matches were at least good, even if ADR/Sheamus is boring.

    First time since I can remember I've watched a PPV without skipping any.
  2. Looks like it's a poem. :urm:
  3. And you look like a meth head. :pity:
  4. Your Miz hate and Lawyer hate makes me vomit.
  5. Miz's gimmick, I hate.
    I want to watch wrestling not badly produced lawyer videos. I love Otunga backstage, just not in that shite.
  6. Badly produced? Those were fantastic. The best thing about Sheamus/ADR has been the video packages lmao.
  7. I don't like the camera angles. I'm fussy.:eww:
  8. Wont read.
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