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  1. As i go into iwtmaina 2016 i should tell you about my past

    My name is michael haworth from burnley england. I have asd also known austim. I have been bullyed by people and punched by people BUT i have found my relaxing place IWT

    And as i play ryan at maina it will not be about the winning it about having fun

    And i will be deicaceing this match the asd and every ticket we sell will go to an asd charity

    Thank you and enjoy the night

    Ryan comes out and hug him in the ring and you can see tear running down the blackfire eyes
  2. Its the truth i do have asd
  3. That shouldn't really be in your IWT character though.....
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  4. It is also in the character aswell
  5. do you mean autism?
  6. Yes in real life i have autism and my character has autism
  7. Curious why not, it'll be easier to add to his promos if it's a trait he understands.
  8. And it true for me the storyline behind this asd will be revealed after iwtmanja
  9. theres a storyline to why you have autism?
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  10. Well autism is something you get born with i got it when i was born in 1999 but it is ok and i will tell you my storyline for him in pmso everyone else will not be TMZ about it
  11. What's the issue if his character is autistic in an e-fed lol?
  12. And real life
  13. Never said there was. Just don't see how a storyline can fit in there.
  14. Just a heads up since this will be a character trait there maybe some in character promos which insult it. You're cool with this right? Autism can be a sensitive issue so I just want to clarify this if we feud.
  15. Well asd mean that i am in your own world so i could be in a dark world
  16. Of course it can, if it's well written anything can fit in here. I say give the guy a chance to build his character.
  17. Thanks man man i love iwt and wwe should be signing some asd wrestlers to the roster
  18. Just my 2 cents. He can do whatever.