My reaction to Brock's Return...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Apr 3, 2012.


    Is that really your reaction?
  2. Lols pretty much my reaction as well along with a FB status. :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. Same thing, I also FBed it.
  4. That's not me but it's how I reacted.
  5. I'm still marking now tbh keep watching it and it's just driving me crazy.
  6. I think this beat my "Rock Returns Reaction", Maybe.
  7. Yeah this is the biggest I've marked ever I think, live anyway.
  8. Is that Randy Savage?
  9. Possibly
  10. WTF??????? HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!! U KNOW WHAT I LOOK LIKE!!!!!!!!

  11. I wasn't here for the live discussion at the time of his return but I freaked out while lying in bed when I saw it.

    Couldn't sleep the rest of the night I was so excited.
  12. I think I was just spamming capital letter mark out posts in discussion thread. His music is boss too.
  13. This is nothing close to how I marked out kiddies. No lie I fucking screamed and cried louder than that. He better be in Chicago soon.
  14. Same here.
  15. I WOULD HAVE SPAMMED SO MUCH more if I was on my laptop. Or else I marked the fucking fuck out of the sight of Brock.
  16. I think Sage had the best mark out moment to be honest. Here's a quote just after Brock appeared:

  17. Didn't catch it live since I had to get up at 6am here in Sweden but I avoided all kinds of spoilers until I got home at lunch to watch it. Almost covered my screen in spagetthi whilst marking out.
  18. Gotta admit I keep rewatching it and its just awesome I cant get over how good it was.
  19. I know I think it was 10x better than the return of the Rock IMO. One of the greatest returns or perhaps the greatest return of all time.