My tattoos

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  1. Heres the album consisting pictures of my 2 new tattoos and an old tattoo.


    I would like some comments :obama:
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  2. I like the Eternal Sunshine quote. :otunga:
  3. Not as cool as Punk's tats.
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  4. Says content is unavailable?
  5. I dunno why it says content unavailable to you, i dont have privacy on. Anyways i will upload here.



  6. Pretty badass :obama:
  7. Fucking gay, get a notepad if you want to write all over yourself
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  8. I don't understand the reason behind it not to sound rude. What does the tattoos represent/mean?
  9. The eternal sunshine one has deep meaning that connects with my life.

    vestal = virgin priests, it basically means that are these vergin priests, who are blame because they are virgin and pure, really happy? The vestals dont take notice of the world, and the world doesnt notice them. Having a spotless/blameless mind is like an eternal sunshine. Each of their prayers are accepted for being blameless and spotless, but they have to resign each of their wish to stay blameless and spotless. So how happy are they really?

    It also means that sometimes we want to forget some people who have hurt us. We want to erase them from our mind and start all over again, achieve the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. But only later we realize how stupid that is, how by trying to remove the bad things from our mind we remove the good things too along with it, the things that we really enjoyed, the things that we loved. How we resign our dreams, or stop following our dreams, in order to have our prayers accepted which never ends up happening. We realize all these only when its too late. We forget that theres always a lil happyness too in every painful memory.


    Let me know when you grow some balls and decide to get a tattoo without pissing all over yourself and moaning like you are getting butt-fucked in the process. :pity:
  10. Already have a tattoo. :pity:


    Come at me, bro. :boss1:
  11. Lol is that really you?

    What does a fish signify?
  12. You got Mel Gibson tatood on your body?
  13. Nope, i got William Wallace tattooed on my body.
  14. So Mel Gibson then.
  15. Canadians.

    :lol1: so good.
  16. william wallace.

    problem british? :haha: