My Themes

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  1. Theme #1: Awesome Radio

    Theme #2: Show off in the Mirror

    Theme #3

    Cult of AWESOME

    theme #4

    Cult is Now

    Theme #5:emoji_grin:reams of Personality

    Theme 6: Perfection is Awesome

    These are my themes! I will find you one if you like. Give me a name of two superstars and I will be proud to find the theme
  2. Those sound great bud.
  3. John cena and punk one is awesome!!!!

    wrong section though. stopwatch pls move it :3
  4. Not bad buddy, I like em.
  5. I am Perfection (old DZ) and Ass Man (Billy Gunn)
  6. I'm sorry I couldn't find it but I did find this.

  7. Damn that's awfull.. If I give you the links of the songs, can you make it?
  8. I know the links but I can't make it I have the wrong system
  9. Would be nice if you could add your refferal link to you video's so more people can sign up, man..
  10. Technically, they're not my videos cause I'm just copying the link and pasting it.
  11. Then ''technically'' these are not ''your'' themes.
  12. :kiss: